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Brad Cameron

Owner at Build Your Empire

Brad Cameron is the owner at Build Your Empire. Brad’s grown an Instagram page to nearly a million followers, which has resulted in an opportunity for him to really build a business from that.

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The main thing I have done is actually shoutouts, so like, from the get go, from, you know, I sort of realized around the 2000-3000 follower mark that, you know, when I teamed up with someone else, it grew a lot quicker.

So, you know, what I did is one of the earliest guys I teamed up with is, which you know, I’m sure a lot of your audience will be familiar with, is another big Instagram account and then achieve the impossible way.

And all I did was I would post one of their photos, one of their quote photos, with a caption saying, hey guys love this from agent, really resonates with me blah, blah, blah.

So you must follow and then he did the exact same thing back and you know, because we’ve got the same similar sort of audience, you know. You know, and then we sort of pushing it to each other. Yeah, worked really well. And there’s a lot of free organic growth just from that.

And you know, I’m a big believer with Instagram that, you know, if you don’t have a budget network like crazy, shoutout like crazy. And, you know, in time, I think you are, you will, really well from there. So, you know, that’s, that’s how I sort of said, like, you know, for an example an upstart entrepreneur related pages, you know, you could, you could even be like a plumber, right?

Not at all, because in America, but we call it you know, tradies. And, you know, you could be local wherever with your page, but let’s say you could team up with like an electrician.

And then, you know, you could say, you know, fully electrical needs go follow, you know, Jim’s electrical work, and then he could do one backs and go follow Greg’s only work, and you can just leave that post up for an hour.

But you know, you’re going to get all those local community members following each other and, you know, complementing each other, and I think collaborations are a lot more important than competition, especially, you know, in this online world.

So, you know, if you, you know, I guess, you know, people want to know, the best way to sort of go about doing a shout out is you know, first of all you want to find someone with similar size following you know, maybe someone’s got a you know, 25,000 followers and you’ve got you know, 10,000.

And maybe you can pay to do a two for one sort of deal where you give them to share that’s and then you know, they get one back so, you know, what you do is you know, you contact them and then make sure you’re in a similar or same niche and then from there you know, you can grow pretty quick that way. So, yeah.

How are you identifying these accounts that you can partner with? How do you know who’s open to doing a shoutout and also how you actually then contacting them as well?

Yeah, for sure. So, yeah, the best way to find out is just to ask them. So, you know, I find that there’s three main ways. The first one, you go by email. So a lot of these lot of accounts will have a contact email in their Instagram buyer.

You know, and then you reach out to them that way and otherwise by messaging app called Kish, for some reason I’ve learned, reason, just seems to be a massive massive messaging platform of Instagram. And then the third sort of ways to a direct message.

So what you do is you contact them however you can, and you say good day, my name’s Brad for build your empire. I really liked your page. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with, you know, what a shadow. The shadow is, and you you explain it to him, and then you say, you know, I love to push your page if you want to push my page, it’s win-win is nothing to lose.

And then you know, from there, you’re going to get a yes or no but and then you know, over the time, I have 10 different accounts that you have this solid relationship with the shoutouts.

And then you can do you know, one or two a day, get through all 10 accounts during the week. And you know, you’ll see some really great growth from this free strategy. So it’s great.

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