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Brenda is the founder of The Essay Expert – LinkedIn Profile Writer, speaker and #1 Amazon best-selling author of How to Write a KILLER LinkedIn Profile. Brenda holds an English degree from Yale and a law degree from Yale.


How To Become Super Likeable On LinkedIn

The chances are you’re losing out on a ton of potential connections with clients and business partners because your profile is bland and monotonous. I know my profile used to be. Then I said, “Screw it. Let’s be one-of-a-kind. Let’s stand…”

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Tactic that has had the biggest impact on Brenda’s success
Write your LinkedIn profile summary in the first person to remain down-to-earth and approachable.
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A LinkedIn profile that showcases your personality and attracts your ideal customers.

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And so I just when I start out my summary with is, “Do you struggle with writing about yourself?” Stop trying to do it alone. Now that’s not really about me but it does show a little bit of the personality of my business and so this is the other piece, you might care more about the personality of your business. You want to convey that in the summary or in the headline, more than you want to convey your own personal personality.So, that’s another choice to make.

But when I say, if you struggle with writing about yourself, stop trying to do it alone, that conveys me and my business. As you know, someone who can help you out if you’re struggling, we care, we don’t want you to have to be out there you know
trying to do stuff. If it’s so hard for you, let us help you, so that that is part of my personality that I’d like you to do that for people and take some weight off their shoulders and if they hate writing about themselves and that’s something that is true of a lot of people, so that’s how I started my my summary section.

For most of us it’s gonna be first person and the I, me, my and it’s not true of everyone and I think I looked at Tim Ferriss he did it in the third person, but again people know who he is and it gives you a little more cachet maybe if it’s appropriate for someone to be writing about you and makes you sound really important, but it’s also a little bit removed. So, for almost everyone I recommend doing it in the first person.

It’s more relatable you know if you’re talking to your audience, then it’s just gonna be more relatable and that would be in the first person. You know something that you can also do is speak directly to your audience, which is what I did with you struggle about writing about Yourself. That’s not first person but that’s a way to reach out to the to your audience. So it’s important to know your audience too as you’re figuring out what’s your personality because what you offer to your audience is I think especially as a business, it is part of your personality are you gonna be like hard-hitting just gonna look for one example but you know you might be speaking to your audience.

There’s an example one of my clients, “Is your business place to blast above your current expectations are you rightly to take action to heighten your leadership performance?” You can get this person’s personality through the way he’s speaking to his

Because otherwise you’re gonna blur people to tears and they’re gonna say next. It’s possible that you’ll lose a customer because they don’t like your personality but they’re probably not someone you don’t want to work with if they don’t like your personality or the way that you’re portraying your business if it’s really a true expression of who you are it’s a good way to sort out who really wants to work with you if they’re attracted to you the way that you’re presenting yourself then that’s great then you’ve already made some progress In finding the clients like your ideal client because they are responding positively to your personality, your truth, your expression,

And I wanted to say one other piece we talked about the headline the photo.

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