Brennan Dunn of Double Your Freelancing

Brennan Dunn

Founder of Double Your Freelancing

Brennan is the founder of Double Your Freelancing and helps teach over 40,000 freelancers and agencies how to earn more money and work with better clients. He’s also the co-founder of RightMessage, a software company that helps bring on-site personalization to the masses.


Web Personalization Strategy To Create Custom Conversion Funnels

Everyone who is in the services business already understands the power of personalization.

When I’m on a call with a client I take into account what I already know about them. I consider where they work, where they live, how large their company is and all this affects how I tailor my offer to them.

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Tactic that has had the biggest impact on Brennan’s success

Using web personalization strategy to create custom conversion funnels

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A more efficient sales funnel and higher conversions based on increased personalization and segmentation

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So I started with my own business. I have a lot of other case studies that I can share too, but with my own stuff, I went from about a 2% to a 5% unique opt in rate on my site relatively quickly and permanently.

So if you want to get that in percentages, it’s a 250% lift and overall opt ins from anonymous visitor who came from Google, read an article and then became a subscriber, opted in for lead magnet that went from 2 to 5% which was a very big deal for me.

And then on the purchase side, one of my primary funnels that leads people to a paid product that is an online course that the results of personalizing say the testimonials on the sales page, the header, the headline, the copy, were described the offer that increased sales out of that funnel by 70%.

So when those two have stacked, it’s made my very nice solo business turned into, really within a few years, does well over seven figures in annual revenue. And that’s largely as a result of a lot of automation and a lot of personalization, driving, making basically my products and services more relevant to the people that are in front of them.

We’ve also had, I can share more detail about this, we just got for right message, which is the product we built. We just got a case study up to three days ago from somebody who, they’re in the business of the jet, they have ads that run Facebook ads that go into a funnel on their site. And the call to action is a consultation request.

And they’ve been able to have their cost per lead. They went from $65 that they were paying per lead with about 45 minutes of effort spent just doing stuff like tweaking the headline, so that if I click on a certain ad that targets a certain type of person, the landing page would then, everything after that would then reflect the targeting of that ad.

So yeah, we’ve had a lot of, I mean, in terms of like, conversion optimization hacks, I mean, it’s been probably by far the most effective thing that I’ve done, and the results we’re getting from other people are starting to show like this. And it makes sense. I mean, Amazon does this extremely well. But it just hasn’t been easy to do for a lot of people.

I think a lot of people have said, “Well, you know, I have my WordPress site. How do I make this actually, how do I make it respond in real time depending on like the demographic somebody belongs to or where they’re in my sales funnel”, or something like that.

And it truthfully hasn’t been easy to do that, but I’m going to my background, I’m an engineer who became a marketer. So I was able to kind of play around with some custom code that would do that. And once you start to see the results of that, that’s what led me down the rabbit hole of thinking, well, you know, I can make something of this. So that’s where I am now.

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