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Carl Taylor

Founder & CEO of Automation Agency
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Carl has been marketing online since 2001, across multiple businesses and multiple industries, from IT Support to Gift Baskets. He’s spoken across Australia and USA at Marketing seminars, he’s a certified Ontraport consultant and certified ActiveCampaign consultant. And his company now employs a team of 30+ designers, developers and automation experts that implement the latest marketing automation strategies for entrepreneurs and small businesses every single day.


Creating Hand Raising Offers For Your Sales Funnels

Too many marketing experts out there are explaining sales funnels in ways that over complicate everything. You walk away from the conversation feeling like you “get it,” but when you go to implement some of the techniques you heard you realize you actually don’t have the slightest clue as to what they were going on about!

Expert session

Tactic that has had the biggest impact on Carl’s success
Understanding the 6 step sales funnel process and how it fits within different business models for service based businesses.
Result if you follow the steps in Carl’s session
A “Hand Raising Offer” to bring the right customers closer to a profitable long-term relationship with your business.

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Expert session snapshot


To many small business owners in particular, they run Facebook ads for example straight to their sales page or they send an email asking someone to buy something right away without building any kind of relationship or trust and so that’s a big mistake. It doesn’t work really. In the dating world, it’s not gonna work really well for you in the business world.

What you need to do is, you need to mimic the,  “Hi, I’m Kyle,”approach, that you would do at a bar. How do we do that online? Well we do  that by getting people to raise their hands. Now, please don’t laugh at my attempts to draw a hand. It is a hand, not a crown.

So this is what I call a hand raising offer and a lot of people in the marketing world will refer to this as a lead magnet. So, if you’ve heard the term lead magnet that’s what we’re talking about. It’s basically something that you give away for free in exchange for an email address. Maybe some more information but at minimum an email address to capture them into your system.

Because marketing automation is really about helping you capture clients, capture leads, convert them into clients and then cultivate relationships with both your clients and the prospects who are clients. So, a couple of rules to think about. It should be free, right?

Another thing you want it to be is you want to be fast. Too many people are creating things like long ebooks or half an hour long videos as their lead magnets. The problem is we’re in a world now of kind of everyone wants everything now and they want it fast. So focus and  make it specific.

If you make this super specific, so let’s give an example. If you were, let’s say you’re a coach right? Because we work with a lot of business coaches so that kind of comes to mind if you’re a business coach and you had a lead magnet it’s like 10 ways to grow your business it’s very kind of generic.  

It’s like, oh okay it might be fast, you could deliver it in a checklist but from a specific point of view it’s really not whereas if you said 10 ways for hairdressers to attract more high-paying clients in the next 90 days, that’s far more compelling.

Far more specific and it makes it easier for you to create that content and if you have a whole gamut of these hand-raising offers that but specific about who they’re talking to the specific problem they solved as opposed to just 10 ways to grow your business it’s focused on one specific problem that you can solve to help them grow their business and you’ve made it clear who it’s for and who it’s not for maybe even adding a time frame it’s going to be really valuable.

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