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Casey Armstrong

CEO at Full Stack Marketer

Casey Armstrong is the CEO of Full Stack Marketer. He is an experienced startup executive and full-stack marketer who focuses customer acquisition and revenue, primarily for high-growth startups.

He has built several 6-figure lists, including a side project that grew from 35,000 to 135,000 in the past year.

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You can divide your list up, you can try multiple providers. I’ve done that before. You know, maybe you try MailChimp and like get response or ConvertKit or something like that, and see, which use the exact same email see what you’re getting better open rates.

Then the other thing that I often do is I, I kind of push people, there might be no links, the only call to action is for them to reply to me and tell me something because I know if somebody replies to an email that I sent them, if especially, if it’s like, through MailChimp, they’re gonna get all future emails, there’s not going to be you know, when Gmail continues to roll out new filters.

If they reply to the email that’s like, that’s a signal that that is not spam. It’s not a news. It’s not just another newsletter that there’s an, there’s importance there.

So maybe try that right away the autoresponder. Right, when people sign up, maybe ask them a question, how can I help you, but be a little bit more specific make it about and make it about them, but like, how can I help you, please reply, I respond to every email, you know, something like that.

Alright, just interesting then, that you commented you, you split the list up into two data to you know, a and b. Maybe to equal proportion, you take him to two different email service providers.

I’m just wondering, if you go and do that, does that actually affect your deliverability? Because Gmail might be saying you send emails from MailChimp, and then it’s coming from, say, ConvertKit is there, is does that affect your deliverability?

Because you’re sending from two mailings that are recommended, or it doesn’t affect you. I mean, how do you?

I don’t recommend it to everybody because it takes time. I think it’s more important to like to take action. I don’t think it affects deliverability. I mean, look, it’s so many the, you know, products out there.

You get receipt emails from the domain. You know, through a certain app, you get newsletters through certain app, you get communication through the through the product or the app from a different email service provider or you get personal emails from the people from Google Apps.

I mean, I’m sure there’s like some crazy email, data scientist that can give you specific numbers. But you know, I don’t think it affects it. I mean, if you put both lists in each platform, and people start opting out, and one and then you don’t clean the other list, then you might start getting hit with a bunch of spam. And that will hurt you, but that’s not what I’m saying to do.

Okay, so you really want to try to keep your, your lists clean, and that’s probably right, making sure the updates are being opted out and clean from the list because you don’t want to have these two lists here. And you know, they’ve unsubscribed on one and they’re still on the other.

So I think I like the idea of, you know, splitting out maybe 50-50 down the middle, having one list over here, one list over there and testing it out, at least for a short period of time to check the deliverability of your email service provider.

Make sure you know, that you are delivering but one might be delivering more than the other. And at the end of the day, think if your emails are not being delivered, then all the rest of what we’ve been talking about doesn’t really matter. So that was very important to like.

Just pick one and try that like MailChimp works well is the reason why so many people use it. But if you have the experience, if you have the time, if you have the bandwidth, then maybe try to do it. I don’t, I don’t always do it.

And then also, like you mentioned before, having a clean list to your emails, if nobody’s opening it, for a project that a side project of mine that I have, I just cleaned out like 75,000 emails.

I basically looked at what people were not active over the last, like, you know, 10 emails, let’s say, and I just cleaned them all out, because if these people don’t want my email, that’s fine. My goal is not to have some crazy size list. My goal is to have a list that whatsover provides.

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