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Cathy Patalas

Head of Marketing at Woodpecker

Cathy finds that you don’t need a large sample to find a statistically valid result when it comes to cold email.

She will teach you how to strip all the excess away when it comes to your cold email approach in order to make it run more efficiently and effectively.

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So first of all, I often see people looking for prospects on LinkedIn, like, you know, finding a job title or I don’t know, finding companies, and then looking for specific job titles in those companies and then trying to craft a call a cold email to those people.

And usually, the cold email does not involve very much personalization. So it looks more or less the same for all those people.

And in my approach, I did something like that. I looked for people who talked about a topic that was connected to my cold email, so to the purpose of my cold email. 

So in my specific case, you look for people who might be named experts in the field of cold emails, so it’s kind of meta, but let’s use this example because this is what I actually did. So, yeah.

So I went to Quora where I found some questions about cold email. And I found people who gave the best answers to those questions. Then I chose a few of those people. And I tried to create a first draft of an email that I would like to send them to ask them for an interview because that was the purpose of my email. 

So first, I decided to check of the source that I chose. So Quora would provide me with enough prospects to create a campaign and I tried to actually come up with an email where I could put parts of their answers or some assumptions or perhaps some materials they’ve mentioned in the answers, and kind of incorporate them in the email copy. 

I described the whole process on my blog. So if you want to get a whole, you know, PDF with the very email template, it’s possible to get. 

And the idea was to make the cold email look like I would actually go one by one and send the emails one by one to each of the people. When at the same time it was automated. And this was possible because of the process of creating the prospect base. 

I actually used to like to keep things simple. So I used an Excel spreadsheet where I collected not only the first name, and I didn’t know, I’m not sure if I used a company name, probably not. 

So I focused on what I found on Quora.  And I decided to build some context on that. So I told them that I found them from the answer on Quora. I really liked this and this part. 

So this was a custom field for personalization.

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