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Charles Ngo

Founder at AFFcelerator

Charles Ngo is the CEO at AFFcelerator, he’s also an affiliate marketer, speaker and strategist ​and generates 7-figures profit per year from two different companies. Charles approach is to sell just one product and sell it at a very high ticket.

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Closing a high ticket item is very different than closing a two or $3,000 course. So what I typically do is, I run one month of emails. So I don’t know maybe like 16 different emails to just kind of start by giving them value and you know, highlighting the industry focusing on the pain points. I give them a lot of value and events.

So one thing I believed in is results in events because if you can help people for free and they get some results from it, then you want them think oh, well if you can help me with this free information, this free information must be this good.

And then from there, we have the sales letter. It’s a very long sales letter. I think it’s like 20,000 words, it’s very long. But the key is the key status.

A there’s an application process to join my program and there is an interview with either me or another person. And other person is someone that has taken my course and has succeeded from it. So the most important thing is to ask application process.

We do this for three reasons for my purpose. It’s not really a sales thing. It’s more because we sell out every single time. So I actually want the best and brightest in my class think that like a Harvard degree, or Harvard University, this Harvard allow anyone that can afford it into the university know because they have a reputation.

And not to mention when you’re having class for three days, you don’t want a bunch of guys that are, you know, retards or stupid. Okay, sorry for using that term. But you want the best and brightest in the class.

So I should do this application process to weed out people that are not a good fit, because I can talk to someone and tell you they’re not good fit because maybe after spending all the money on my course I don’t have enough money left over to actually run traffic. So I’m looking for that.

The application process is also important. Because it’s you know, from a sales perspective, it’s the whole branding thing. Like Wow, this is so good. You have to apply. Everyone wants to be a part of a club.

But the main reason why we do this is, just to make sure everyone is a good fit for this program. That you’re a good fit for me, and I’m a good fit for you. So I want everything to be neutral.

I will not accept a student that has debt. I will not accept a student that doesn’t have experience. I will not accept the student that doesn’t know that after this, you still need money or after this that you still need to put in some time.

So it’s actually, by having standards to get in, you can actually, people want it even more. That’s counterintuitive. So that’s something interesting I discovered.

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