Chris Ducker of YouPreneur

Chris Ducker

Virtual CEO and Serial Entrepreneur at YouPreneur

Chris began his career in the sales and marketing industry, back in his hometown of London, UK.

In 2000 he up-rooted himself, and moved to the Philippines where he has resided since – currently overseeing the daily operations of his group of companies, the Live2Sell Group which houses three subsidiaries and almost 300 full-time employees.

Chris has been featured in Entrepreneur countless times, as well as in Forbes, Inc.com, Business Insider, the Huffington Post and has graced the covers of Empowered Entrepreneur and Foundr magazines. He recently made Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top 50 Online Marketing Influencers of 2014 list.


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A couple of things happen here. Number one, delivering on the promises consistently over and over and over again help sets me and Youpreneur apart from the other memberships that are out there that don’t do it, quite frankly, that do move the goalposts too often.

And secondly, it also helps to train your clients or your members in a way where they can almost, they come to expect certain things from you at certain times each month or each quarter or each year, whatever it is. And I think it’s very important to get that done as early on in that relationship as physically possible in regards to having them know what to expect and when to expect it.

I mean, that’s half of it right there. It’s like your favorite TV show, you know what time it’s going to be on TV each week, what channel you’ve got to tune into, and you’ve got to turn up if you want to watch it when it’s live, otherwise you know, you record it or whatever or watch it on, you know, on demand or whatever. But ultimately, I think it’s part, it’s a very important part of that process and it keeps people around for longer as well.

Alright, so if we’re looking at, you know, delivering on our promises, do we want to go back to the very start of making the promises, setting expectations? And what is the kind of the process maybe that you go about saying, “Okay, this is what we’re going to deliver. This is when it’s coming up, this is it being delivered”, and then maybe even any follow up that happens post the delivery. I mean, all of the above, you know what I mean, all of the above.

I mean, we generally, you know, we don’t create a piece of content for the community, unless we know it’s something that they actually want a need. So we’re very aware of what our members are looking for when it comes to specific answers, to questions or solutions to problems.

For a perfect example, every month we do a live mastermind call with myself, and you know, a whole bunch of people get on live with me. They can also watch the replay as well. But at the beginning of that call, every single month, I do a little segment, a little coaching segment called what’s working now with. And we always, you know, you can complete their sentence with whatever people have kind of voted inside of the community for what they want me to cover.

And all it really is, is a handful of tips and tactics that have worked well for either myself or somebody else. I know that’s doing specifically well, on that specific topic. And this month, for example, it was podcast artwork, quite random. But we’ve got a lot of people inside of the Youpreneur community that are building their personal brands.

And having a podcast is a great way to be able to show up on a regular basis, provide great content to a wider audience and to be seen as an expert and an influencer within their market.

And so you know, one of the key elements of launching a podcast is to make sure that your podcast artwork, looks good, looks professional, it’s on brand point, and that people are going to be able to kind of see it easily, wanted to pop, when they visit, you know, the iTunes kind of search results or whatever.

And so that’s what we covered for 10 minutes at the beginning of this month, or just a few nights ago. And it was, like I said it was voted by the community. So it starts with really only just delivering what people want, a need first and foremost.

And then secondly, delivering it, like I said, same time, every single month, so they come to expect it. And then obviously, do, you know, from a follow up perspective, we have, you know, our private forum which is plugged into the community, it’s not a Facebook group or anything. I highly recommend that nobody does that if they’re running a membership, particularly one that they’re charging for.

But ultimately, what we will do is, we will link on the E piece of content within the library that we create, an update on a monthly basis to the you know, the direct forum posts related to that specific piece of content so people can get into the forums, ask additional questions, maybe share a podcast artwork which has already started to happen inside and you know kind of ask feedback and things like that.

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