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Chris Raulf

Founder of Boulder SEO Marketing

Founder of Boulder SEO Marketing – digital marketing expert and trainer focused on LinkedIn for search engine optimization, lead generation and branding. Chris has over two decades of hands-on online marketing experience under his belt and he admits that he’s a bit obsessed with LinkedIn. Chris also frequently hosts in-person digital marketing workshops for which LinkedIn has become his primary outbound way to promote and recruit registrants.


Optimizing Keywords With LinkedIn to Rank On Search

I’m from Switzerland and I’ve been living in Boulder, Colorado for the last 20 years. I like to think of it as Australia meets Switzerland because everyone is always up for rock climbing, hiking, or a bike ride.

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Using optimization of keywords with LinkedIn to rank on search

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So there are several tools out there. I usually start with Google Keyword Planner, which is part of Google Pay Per Click, part of a Google AdWords, right? You have to call in a credit card about. You’re not going to be charged to use the tool.

So basically, that’s what I do. I sit down with my clients, we plug in those keywords, and then you get hundreds, thousands of recommendations from Google. They spit out keywords where they say, “Hey, you may like this keyword, you know, it gets 200 searches a month, it’s highly competitive.”

So you basically, I create a list of, you know, oftentimes 578,000 keywords. And then we go through this list of keywords to really find the top 20, 30, 50 keywords that we think if we can optimize our website and other digital assets, such as a LinkedIn showcase page or company page, Google research, we’re going to be found, we’re going to be in page number one, and we’re going to get those clicks that we need to make money.

Right now, you mentioned that, you know, thousands of recommendations of keywords and you’ve chosen SEO agency followed was the one that we talked. Is that your main keyword? And if so, why did you? How did you decide which would be your main keyword?

Yeah. So basically, I started out as a local business, actually ever since my model has changed because I do a lot of international SEO now, because I have that background in localization, translation and search engine optimization, but I started out as a local business, right? So for me, you know, I went to Google Keyword Planner, I looked at what do my potential prospects, how do they search for something that I have to offer?

And it was like SEO agency as your agency’s top SEO companies, and then you slap on that geo locator boulder. So okay, my market here in Boulder was a little bit smaller, but it’s a very tech driven area. It’s actually called the Silicon Valley of Colorado. So ton of business here.

So I did really well with even my local, you know, search terms, but ever since I expanded into national search terms, even international and have a lot of international clients, but back then I wanted to be the company found for SEO and agency company, whatever. And the geolocate a boulder and they were enough searches, you know, it was a clear decision. Yeah, I’m going to optimize for these keywords.

Okay, so for the average, you know, business owner that that’s watching this, I mean, a lot of them are going to be mainly online businesses, but a lot of them are going to be local as well. What would you say to them in terms of you know, they’re using the keyword planner, and they’re seeing thousands of results pop up, are they looking for certain number of, you know, searches for that keyword and the competition? I mean, what’s the combination that makes, should, you know, identify what those top three keywords should be.

That’s where, you know, when people come to my seminars, I do full day workshops and certifications. I asked them, you know, show me your list of keywords. And unfortunately, very, very often they are targeting the wrong keywords, they just go for the big keywords that have thousands of searches that are highly competitive, you know.

It’s going to be so hard to get to number one spots, it really has to be a nice mix of like, you know, 30,30 like 33,33 33%, 33% top big keywords, you know, wishful thinking I want to be number one in a year for that keyword. Then you get so like the nice medium where you know, it’s pretty competitive but you have a good chance to get there and then the lower 33% that’s like the long tail keywords, you know, keywords have like two three more words.

Strong together, where you have fewer searches, but those people they know exactly what they’re looking for. And if you show up in the top three search results, you could change. So you’re going to get a click and potentially a new lead out of this keyword.

So, you know, I guess don’t go just for the big ones, don’t go just for the small ones. It has to be a nice mix as with everything in life.

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