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Christian Karasiewicz

Founder & CEO at Social Chefs

Christian Karasiewicz leverages his knowledge in video marketing and SEO to help business owners consistently build quality traffic and leads to their website.


My Recycling Content Process Drives More Traffic From Videos

I run a website called SocialChefs.com and my goal with it is to give people training in digital marketing.

There are so many tools available these days and video has become one of the hot topics. I try to simplify everything I teach down into smaller problems that can be managed one at a time.

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Tactic that has had the biggest impact on Christian’s success

Using recycling content process to drive more traffic from videos

Result if you follow the steps in Christian’s session

A lot more mileage out of your video content by repurposing it into blogs, PDFs, and lead magnets

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If I were going to take a video that I have created that sends me to take a five minute video that I’ve created, okay, so, let’s walk you through an example. I created this video you know, I’ve scripted it out. It’s all perfect.

I know what I’m going to say I’ve got my five minute video created. I finished it. I put it up on say, YouTube or Vimeo, one of the, you know, recommended hosting services.

So, I’m going to tap into potentially an audience on, for instance, that particular channel. So YouTube, I’ve got an audience there, YouTube’s going to recommend my video based on potentially, you know, related videos that might show up. You know, people are doing certain keyword research, looking for, you know, that perfect video that they want to watch.

And so that’s like, that’s the first place that it starts. So my video is up online, right? So what am I going to do after that? Well, if I leave it up there, you know, yes, I’m going to get an audience from there. I’m also going to get people on Google, for instance, searching for my video, as well.

So I’ve got people constantly driving back to the video. But how do I convert that into like more for my business? Like, for instance, how can I put that into my website? How can I, for instance, use all my social channels?

So what I would actually do here is we’ve got this video up and I want to kind of walk you through some different ways that I would repurpose video. So the video is up on YouTube. So let’s just talk about some other things that you can do to repurpose a video.

One of those would be to create a corresponding blog post for your video, and just simply take the YouTube video and embed it on that blog post. Now, the reason why you’d want to do this is you’ve already got an audience going to your website, you know, you’ve also got an audience on your YouTube channel.

So you’re already, you’re basically feeding both places to drive up your views. So you’re getting people on your website, they’re reading your content, they’re watching your video that’s counting towards a view over on your YouTube channel as well, you know.

And potentially you’re going to get a subscriber out of that as well depending on what’s in your video. So that’s, you know, that’s a basic like a blog tactic.

Another couple of things you can do, you know, thing you do is you could tie your video into you, basically taking, create an action guide and actually got it a PDF. You know, it doesn’t have to be very long. But it could basically be a step by step checklist that somebody is, you know, it could literally be your video in a written format that somebody can go download, for instance.

And you could even, you know, so you could take that, for instance. And you could attach that to a piece of content that is, you know, it’s relevant that somebody might be searching for.

So for instance, it’s almost like an upsell. For instance, so I could be reading your blog post. And let’s say instead of embedding that video, we decided we want to put an action guide in there. And the goal of that action guide is, you know what, instead of somebody sitting there and watching my video that’s five minutes long, maybe they want to go through those steps, you know, when it’s convenient for that.

So what typically happens, you know, somebody says, “Hey, I’m gonna bookmark that video”, and then never go back and watch it. But if you give them like a download, for instance, maybe it’s a PDF, they can, you know, they either email that to them, they can put in their Dropbox account and they have all the you know, step by steps instructions right there that they can read on their mobile device. They could watch it on their laptop, you know, and so forth.

So that actually kind of leads me to another idea that you can do with repurposing video. So, another thing you do is you can create basically what’s called a lead magnet or an opt in bribe.

So lead magnets opt in bribes. It can be something as simple as taking your blog post that you’ve written with your video and giving somebody a complete PDF version of that and what would happen is somebody would be, you know, reading your content.

And let’s say it’s a very thorough article. So what you could offer them is to encourage them to opt in to your email list. And at that point, when they opt in, you will actually send them the opt in bribe. The opt in bribe, pretty simple, it’s a PDF version of your blog post.

And you know, there’s actually a lot of tools that can automatically create a lot of this as well for you. For example, Feedly is a tool that I use.

And every time for instance I save something on there, it will actually create a PDF version of my blog post. So, you know, from a time saving standpoint, that’s like this huge, I don’t have to go hire somebody to create a PDF for me, it automatically is putting that together.

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