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Christie Hamilton

CEO at Benelds Pty Ltd

Christie is the CEO of Benelds, a Sydney-based Infusionsoft Consultancy, one of the largest in the region, and in 2014 was the fastest growing Infusionsoft Consultancy Globally.

Christie has spoken at the past 3 Infusionsoft conferences in Arizona, on everything from marketing a local business globally, building online communities and positioning your business through successful partnerships and JVs.

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So if I was going to do, let’s say something really simple like a classic would be if I have a new customer, or if I have someone that’s going to opt in for a lead magnet, regardless of the way that they come in, I will always put them on a short term education.

So let’s just assume for a second that someone’s completed, someone opt in online. So this is your kind of the standard, a book, whatever type thing. And maybe we would also have like a, maybe we met them at an event, so trade show, inquiry. We could build a whole bank of these.

And right after those various web formed opt ins, we would deliver whatever it is we were going to deliver. So we’re going to deliver the ebook, or we’re going to say, nice to meet, you have to forgive my typing, whatever, we’re going to do after that event happens.

But once it’s happened, we’re going to put them into a really standard sequence. And the reason I’m breaking this up is, well, hopefully you’ll see in a second, okay, so let’s assume that we’ve got some leads, and they’ve come in on a number of different channels.

And ultimately, they enter what we’re going to call the new customer education. And you could start this right now, you could start this even if you’re using MailChimp really, super manually. I’m just going to clean this up for you and say on some level, we need a campaign that is triggered by something, and then runs for four weeks with some emails in it.

So let’s do like this week one, week two, week three, week four. So all I’m going to do in this sort of thing is say, all right, I’ve got a new customer and I want to educate them about my business, whether they buy or not, I’m going to give them some communication.

So week one, straightaway, I’m going to send them an email. And I’m going to say, Welcome to the family. Here’s what you need to know. And in this email, I might put a whole bunch of stuff about how I share content on Facebook or my number to get in touch or if you want to follow my cycling or follow me on Strava or whatever crazy thing you want to do.

And then I just put a seven day timer in. So I’m going to say send me an email, wait seven days. And that’s all I’m going to do. And then I’m going to wait to so I know, I’ll just jump back for a sec. So I know week ones emails being said, we’ve waited seven days from whenever this customer joined our business.

And then same deal again. So I’m going to send another email. And this time, I might say, Hey, here’s my like, best tip for anyone thinking about marketing automation. And then I’m going to wait another seven days.

So really simply, I could build out these four weeks and then I know as soon as I’ve written four emails, this thing’s ready to go, I could publish this. I’m assuming you guys would already know what you’d say to a new customer, you’d have three things in your pocket, you find yourself repeating over and over and your customers.

So it’s really easy to pull that into a short term education or a new customer education. That would be the first thing that I do. So keep it really, really simple and just do that. And then you know in the back of your mind if you meet 20 people at a conference then you weren’t smart enough to clear your calendar for the day after the conference.

So you could do a follow up because we put all this work into networking, and then we never follow up, well, you could just apply this new customer education tag to all those 20 people in your CRM, whatever it is, and kick off this sort of education piece. And that’s how I’d start.

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