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Claire Diaz-Ortiz is a LinkedIn Influencer, one of the earliest Twitter employees, author of 7 books and international keynote speaker. She’s been named “One of the Most Creative in Business” (Fast Company) and “The Woman Who Got the Pope on Twitter” (Wired).


Optimizing Your LinkedIn Blog For Increased Email Subscribers

One day I got a random email and I ignored it. It sat in my inbox for a few weeks. I eventually looked at it again and did some research on what was being offered to me.

The email invited me to the LinkedIn Influencer program. I saw some of…

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 Optimizing LinkedIn blog for increased email subscribers

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Convert LinkedIn Publishing blog readers into subscribers for your email list

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In terms of why an email opt in is valuable, why you care about your email list or email subscriber is, if you’re an entrepreneur and you sell anything online, or even if you sell something offline, but use your online presence to engage with people, then email is probably the most important tool in your toolkit in terms of being able to reach potential buyers and people who might then share about your message to other potential buyers. So email is key.

Now, thinking about you know why doing an opt in what we call like a freemium like a free ebook or doing something else, there are totally different ways to do it. One way is to create this free ebook, email opt in freemium.

Another way, which some people do, and which I’ve done on post before, is basically to direct people to a series of key posts on your own site that go into further depth on something in LinkedIn that you’ve posted on LinkedIn.

Another variation on this would be to maybe post two thirds of a post on your LinkedIn and then have it continue on to a post on your own site. You know, I think it’s a personal thing about what works on your own blog.

For me, I was finding on posts that I was getting better opt in rates from the email opt ins that said, you know, getting into the nitty gritty just for a second, you really do need the double confirmed opt ins because making the leap for a person from reading something on LinkedIn to then clicking a link to opting into something you need them to understand what they’re doing.

And sometimes people are reading stuff online so much that unless you have that double confirmed opt in, you’re going to get someone mad and saying, why are you sending me this, because they don’t even remember what they’ve signed up for. So just one thing to be aware of.

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