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Colin Gray

Producer & Speaker at ThePodcastHost
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Colin is a podcaster, a writer and a speaker, and teaches new media skills at ThePodcastHost.com. He and his team run a network of shows, from Podcraft to Mountain Bikes Apart, and teach how to Podcast inside their Academy’s courses and live support. Outside work, you can usually find him on the nearest mountain biking trail, or vainly attempting to wrangle his kids on an ill-fated camping trip.

Colin Gray is a Podcaster by trade and a teacher at heart. He creates and produce his own Podcasts, helps other to create their own, and speaks regularly on Podcasting, New Media, Content Marketing and storytelling.

Colin is the MD at The Podcast Host ltd. where they teach businesses and individuals how to grow their business through Podcasting, starting with cultivating a fanatical audience. He also helps educators to use podcasting to enhance their teaching.


How To Increase Customer Retention In Your Membership Site

I started off in higher education teaching teachers how to use technology better for their lectures. Podcasting was the hot topic at the time so that’s what I taught and it ended up growing into a website where I dived into what tech to use and the various setups you could configure.

Expert session

Tactic that has had the biggest impact on Colin’s success
Creating great courses – using a bite sized and action based method.
Result if you follow the steps in Colin’s session
Courses for your membership site that get higher completion rates and encourage your members to be loyal customers.

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The thing with course is that there are the quite often seen as the first step and a membership site aren’t they. Quite often you assume that if you want to launch a membership site.  You need to have a course there and it’s something that actually I mean, I think in a way it’s true in a way.

Actually you can launch a membership site over with just your coaching. You know just offered about your time about support and that way but it is great to have a course online. Your first launch your membership site.

So first thing is I am always talking about how to get your first course up and running in a really easy simple way. I think the first step for me, there is that it’s thinking about something small,  it’s thinking about something a lot smaller than you. Probably imagined that’s usually the value other people come up against this the fact that people assume that courses are really hard to do.

That you have to meet them really comprehensive. They had to be huge big things they have to be so, you know there’s so much value in thereto make it worthwhile people signing up.

Actually I think that courses are more attractive they’re more successful if they’re much more niche, they’re much more specific. The reason for that is that you know people want to have a particular problem solved. This is what people are paying you for. This is what people join your membership site for.  To have a problem solved and if you say something like you know I’m gonna solve the the whole topic that you’re interested in all at once, it doesn’t actually speak to them really.

Specifically, it doesn’t solve a particular problem. An example for me itwas a mistake I made early in the days to be swapping from a higher education and to my my paid courses. Actually, I did exactly this, I made one that was too big. so , I tried to create a course which was her own total. Once your podcast no that’s definitely I think I’m asked a lot though so people come to us all the time with questions around how to launch your podcast.

That’s always the first question that’s gonna the big question how do I launch my podcast. But it’s way too big and it took me I try to answer that whole thing and it took me probably three or four months to build that course and it ended up being fifteen modules with about nine or ten pages in each one dozens and dozens of videos and it was a huge back.

You know who’s just  that’s all appealing they’re just put it together. Just to way too long and I can understand why it takes loads of people it is to get their membership so their other courses out there because of that.

What I needed to do and what I would recommend to you is to think about that bigger question and actually break it right down so I did in this case I broke it down into those 15 modules I’m talking about and the first one was actually in that it was who are you speaking to.

Who is your target audience member? Who’s your perfect listener and that’s a great question that is the question that people should start with here.

That’s much more specific and I create a module within that course which was just or in that question and I could actually create a course just or in that question you’ll find in your ideal audience never finding your perfect person to speak to.

So that’s the first step for me. It’s the biggest question the most question you’re asked by your audience and break it down down and down and down just break it down into the smallest possible chunks you can until you just can’t break it down into smaller questions and that could be your first course.

Now there’s a balance here and that you know you can go so small actually it’s not gonna make up a whole course but then you just go out a little bit you know maybe I’m finding your ideal audience member is maybe a bit too specific so maybe actually is how do I design make sure you know. How do I create the concept from a shoe and that  would include audience member first and then it would include you know what format are we going to follow and then it would include a few other things related to design initial so you can zoom right into those details you know.

Take that large question break it down into smaller and smaller and smaller questions and then as soon as you get down to that granular level you can start to piece it back together into something that’s much more much more manageable much more specific and that question is really how you sell the course from then you know. If you can say to people that this answers exactly how you design a successful show that appeals to them much more than you know the larger question of how to launch your podcast.

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