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Daniel Henry is a online marketing entrepreneur who advise people on how to increase sales with different Facebook strategies from webinars to adds and much more.

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Everybody worries about cold traffic, like, you know, it’s funny. I can go into a Facebook group or anybody can and they can post a screenshot and say, they can say something like, you know, oh, look, I got 20 x ROI. And the first question everybody says is, oh, well, is that warm traffic? And then the guy goes, yeah, it’s warm traffic. And then everybody goes, Oh, well, yeah, whatever. Right?

And to me, that’s the dumbest fucking thing in the world. Because how do we make warm traffic? Like if you’re getting 20,30,40,50 x ROI on warm traffic? What does that tell you? It tells you need to create more warm traffic, right?

So what I do is, I run cold advertisements. And I don’t care if I go one to one. I mean, I usually average between three to one and four to one. So if I put $1 in, I get four out, right? So if I spent 1000 bucks, I might make three or four grand and or sometimes I’ll spend 1000 bucks and make 1000 bucks and that’s fine on dead cold traffic.

And when I say that, people bought right then and there on the webinar. But if one of those people are out of that and they are now in my retargeting campaigns, my follow up, what are they now? They’re fucking warm traffic, right?

So the secret is retargeting. The secret is follow up. The secret is warm traffic. You can make a lot of money on warm traffic. So make more warm traffic, create more, you know, oh, that’s warm traffic, and then nobody pays attention. No, make more warm traffic.

Okay, I’m like, duh. Okay, so what I do is, I focus on running as many ads as I can to cold traffic and making them warm and then hitting them with the follow up and making my money there. I don’t worry if I don’t make money on the cold or finally make a few bucks. I worry about creating warm traffic, because that’s where my 20,30,40,50 x ROI is. Boom, done. That’s it.

This is really interesting, because as you’re talking, it becomes really apparent that you’re very focused knowing your numbers at each stage from, you know, whether it’s cold, whether it’s warm, you know, every stage of maybe the buying cycle or the customer journey if you like. So, what are the main numbers that you’re generally tracking?

Okay, so I’ll flip the script on you a little bit. A lot of people look at cost per click, cost per lead, cost per attendee, cost per CPM, blah, blah, blah. I don’t really look at most of those numbers, right? I don’t, I look at, call like money in money out.

So like, when I run cold ads, I found and I’ve run a lot, I’ve found that I can run ads, where I get $2 webinar registrations, and I’ll make two x ROI. But then I run another ad set where I get five or six dollars, or maybe even $7 webinar registrants, right?

But I’ll make for x ROI, you see. So at the end of the day, what matters is how much you spend and how much you made. And I believe that a lot of those metrics like cost per lead, cost per click, those are distractions. And you really have to spend the money and look at it over time.

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