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Dan Lefave

Founder at Dan LeFave Coaching

Dan understands productivity from the deepest level of our potential – our subconscious programming and our consistent practices. The premise of his work is that thoughts repeated regularly and systematically sink into our subconscious mind and become habitual.

He helps individuals establish businesses that run seamlessly through systematization, automation, and simplification. His clients have gained control over their productivity and reclaimed their family time.

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Tactic that has had the biggest impact on Dan’s success

Utilizing the power of subconscious mind and consistently feeding mind the thoughts like a heat sinking missile always aiming at target goal

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Triple your income, gain control over your productivity and reclaim family time

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If our subconscious mind is our memories, it’s all of our core memories, and you know, whether short term or long term, here’s the fact, if we give it some thoughts, consistent thoughts, then it’s going to accept them as real and as just as true.

And so, consistently thinking about things is a definite practice that you’d want to do thinking towards something.

And, you know, let’s use an Olympic athlete as an example. You know, they’re not looking at the other athlete, you know, let’s say they’re 100 meter race runner and they’re thinking you know, Usain Bolt over there, I’m gonna lose you so fast. I just don’t stand a chance. That’s not going to help them.

They’re going to be thinking personal, best, personal, best, personal, best, personal best. I’m working on my personal best. They remember what the person The best was they feel what it was like to do that, and, you know, maybe win the race if they want to competition at their personal best.

And they’re using that to propel them forward. They don’t know if you seen boats going to run his personal best. And if he doesn’t, and they win, good, you know, but that’s the way the subconscious mind works.

You want to be giving it the thoughts that are going to propel you forward and take you where you want to go. It’s, I call it accurate thought. I mean, why would you think any other way, if you, if you wanted something, you wouldn’t start beating yourself up and saying this is impossible. I’m going to do this and just quit.

Now, you know that those kind of thought processes just don’t work. So that’s definitely one practice. I’m going to talk about three more key practice a little bit later. But that’s definitely one you want to be feeding your mind on a consistent basis, the kind of thoughts that are going to produce the results you want.

And if you want tapping your imagination, that’s a faculty of our mind. We can imagine things. So I think that those are the critical factors is thinking things in a consistent way, in an accurate way, and then planting seeds of imagination or visions in your mind of how that can come up.

All right, when you when you’re talking about that and myself thinking about, okay, what should I be concentrating on with my with my subconscious mind? Is it you know, only things that I can control? Because I know that you know, I can’t control Usain Bolt or whether he will run his personal best. Is that the way we should be thinking?

Well, again, yeah, it’s just what you can control. It’s just you and you alone, because yeah, you don’t control anything. outside of yourself. All you can control is your thoughts. You know, if you think about everything in life, if you leave the race in the competition or winning an opportunity for business or new business, it’s your thoughts.

It’s all of our thoughts that are going to produce the end results. And we can test this time and time again. But it’s been tested already, we must have, just say, okay, well, that’s a fact.

And, you know, all I have to do is think positively and imagine and use my, I use my, my abilities, my you know, all my thoughts and all my power to generate the kind of results I want everybody else outside of yourself, don’t be concerned about them, they’ll do whatever they do.

If they flop or if they don’t make it, that’s their challenge, right? And if it works out for you, great, you know, but you know your successes, you did your best and maybe you won, right? That’s the whole intent.

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