Dan Sherman of Linked Success

Dan Sherman

Founder of Linked Success

Dan Sherman is the founder of Linked Success, a renowned LinkedIn trainer, internet marketing expert, keynote speaker and author of Maximum Success with LinkedIn.

Dan has more than 20 years of corporate marketing management experience and with successful firms ranging from Silicon Valley startups to Fortune 500 companies.

As a marketing manager for Charles Schwab, he created lead generation programs that brought in over $50 billion in assets in just five years.


How To Ask For A LinkedIn Recommendation For Your Business

I was hooked when I started using  LinkedIn. As a corporate marketer, I saw the immense value the platform had to offer, and I immediately wanted to focus on it.

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 Asking for a LinkedIn recommendation for your business

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Get more recommendations to boost your credibility on LinkedIn and position you as an expert in your field

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When you’re first getting started, you might not have a lot of first level connections. And in order to get first level connections, in order to get recommendations on your profile, they have to come from first level connections.

So if you’re just getting started, I recommend that you write to your clients, the people that you’ve done great work for, and just tell them, “Hey, look, I’m collecting recommendations, could you just email me something about what we’ve done together and how happy you are with me?”.

And then you take those quotes, you cut and paste them and put them into your summary section, and also into your job experience section. So you’ve got testimonials there, then that, that’ll get the ball rolling.

Now then once you’ve got some testimonials on your LinkedIn profile, you want to become first level connections with all of your former friends. All the people you’ve done business with, you want to reach out to them on LinkedIn. And you want to say, “Hey, it was great doing business with you. Let’s connect on LinkedIn so we can stay in touch”, then they become first level connections.

Once they become first level connections, then you can send them a request for a recommendation that goes to their LinkedIn inbox, they write a recommendation for you, it comes back to you, you approve it, click a button that says add to my profile. And then that recommendation goes on to the job that they’re recommending you for.

So it has to be associated with a particular job and your job experience section. It can’t just be a general Liam Austin is just a terrific guy. I think he’s, you know, really fantastic. It’s got to be associated with one of your items in your job experience section.

Now, I have 150 recommendations, which was a lot. But that’s been very helpful to me, because people read these record inundations and they know, this guy is really legit.

So I totally recommend that everybody get as many recommendations as they can at least three to five for each of the job experience, but you have to have to be first level connections first. So you got to invite them to connect.

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