Dan Faggella of CEO AT Emerj

Dan Faggella

Founder and CEO AT Emerj (formerly TechEmergence)

Dan sold his first business (a mixed martial arts gym) for six figures in 2013, and went on to sell his last eCommerce company for over $1,000,000 in early 2017 in order to fund his artificial intelligence venture (Emerj.com). Email marketing and marketing automation are my weapons of choice for high conversions.



Close The Deal – Ramp Up Your ROI On Automated Email Campaigns


My first business was a martial arts gym – it was a great business. I didn’t want a job but I had to pay for grad school so I turned my sport into my livelihood.

The problem with my gym business was that I lived in a small town and couldn’t operate a high traffic low conversion business. I’d be out on the street in no time if I went that route.

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Tactic that has had the biggest impact on Dan’s success

Ramping up your ROI on automated email campaigns.

Result if you follow the steps in Dan’s session

Higher email open-rates and conversions by improved segmenting of your list.

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I’ve gotten this a million times as a question you know well how would I segment you know leads us as they enter generally speaking so without without knowing someone’s business if you know someone’s business like if you basically ask a business owner you grab them by the shoulders and you say hey what are the main buckets that your leads fall into that you need to treat them differently in order to sell them differently they’re  gonna be able to tell you right um you know when I used to do email marketing  consultancy stuff.

There were people who wanted more leaves there were people who wanted more ecommerce sales and there were people who wanted more phone appointments and it okay everybody just over like two years everybody fell into one of those buckets and that was like really of the right way to segment them that was kind of segmenting them by goal so as it turns out we am in the b2b world generally speaking the easiest way to slice a list and if you shake a business owner you’ll usually get this from them anyway but if I come in outside or not knowing anything about someone’s business.

I’d say slice people by their roll or by their goal and you’re probably doing better than just hitting  them all with the same message so goal is what the heck are they after what is the end result that they are willing to spend money to achieve often that varies in the b2b world and if you can slice people by the major categories of what the heck they’re willing to pay for well that’s better marketing than hey am the same damn message I’m in roll could be what is their level within the company you get a lot of you know VPS and execs to come in and maybe you treat them in a really different way and you get them on the phone right away maybe you get kind of some lower level folks and there’s a different process to kind of coax them out and see if they’re worth your time and so roll in gold if I don’t know the business we’re talking about are often the best ways to slice the list to make the most of it.

Okay when you say roll are you talking about like decision maker versus you know or what stage they’re at in the decision making process I mean what do you mean by wrong.

Yeah yeah so role could be on seniority and decision making ability so you know executive business leader that you’re selling to versus somebody you know a little bit lower down in the the totem pole so to speak in terms of their their ability to kind of move a sale forward um it could also be divisions right so if you sell um you know if you sell a product that has to do with searching for intellectual property and like IP related stuff.

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