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Daniel Levis

President at Levis International Marketing

Daniel Levis is a world-class copywriter and marketing consultant who specializes in creating high-converting email follow up campaigns for sales funnel optimization and list profit maximization.

Over the last 11 years, Daniel has written email campaigns for many of the world’s top information publishers in the health, finance and business opportunity fields. He writes intense 10 to 15 day sales campaigns to 500k+ consumer lists that routinely bring in $3 per subscriber, and as much as $16 per subscriber. And he does this while actually increasing subscriber engagement and loyalty for future promotions.

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I love email because you don’t have that, you don’t have that kind of upfront cost, it’s a lot easier to make it work. And it can work very hard for you if you apply the same sorts of strategies.

I’m also thinking, like, the tracking and the ability to, you know, change something quickly and easily. There’s so many benefits to email as well. But yeah, I mean, with all those benefits, maybe, you know, are there a lot of direct, you know, mailing type businesses to use to do that type of strategy now moving across the email, and is there now an opportunity back in I can direct?

I think there’s opportunity in all kinds of media. I mean, there’s no story have different types of media and all of them have their have their benefits for sure, all of the, you know, the direct mail companies are all heavily into email they’re doing more email than they ever have before but there’s still opportunity and direct mail as well.

Yeah, well it sounds like you know, you’ve transferred and converted over to the email side of things and you know, it’s working really well for you. Yeah. I’d love to just you know, dive into this you know, topic a little bit deeper in terms of you know, specifically starting off with list building. So, I mean, what’s the best advice you can give someone who wants to grow their list quickly?

Best advice to grow an email list quickly? Let me see. I, you know, I think an expert interview summit, kind of like what you’re doing now, Liam is a good one. Some of your guest experts is, will have email lists and they may be willing to promote your summit.

You and you guys can capture email addresses when you’re doing a summit, when people sign up for your summit and you can sell recordings of the summit. And that way, you’ve got an incentive to your faculty, your experts to mail, you can pay them a commission on those sales of those recordings when they mail for the summit.

Putting together an informative webinar with an offer at the end, is another good way to build lists really fast. You can shop your webinar around to various influencers in your niche. Whatever your niche happens to be, you can get them to promote your webinar, you can pay them a commission again on sales that you make at the end of the webinar.

The good old product launch is another great rapid list builder. You put together several pieces of pre selling content behind a squeeze page, a page that exchanges information for email addresses, you can invite a whole bunch of partners with lists to tell their subscribers about your content. And then you can enroll the people that sign up for your free content in some kind of a paid program, and that way you can pay your partners a commission on those sales.

And those are really kind of the lowest risk, fast ways of building a list in my experience. And I would also add that it’s really important to begin building your list in regardless of which one of those you choose with the end in mind. I think too many people build lists with no idea and no skills and no plan about how to monetize the list effectively. You really need to look at monetization.

I think when you’re doing these kinds of partner driven list building strategies in the same way that you would think about doing direct marketing, the way you would look at monetizing, were you renting direct mail lists, or were you buying paid traffic and banner ads and whatnot. And there are certain markers, that really that is a better option.

I mean, you may not have an active joint venture community in your particular niche, in which case yet, you know, you have to become even better at monetization, you have to become an even more savvy email marketer because you’re dealing with cold traffic, but I think those first three are really where I would start if you’re new to the whole game.

All right, a couple of things kind of stand out to me there in terms of you know, what’s similar about each of those kinds of tactics, and you mentioned them specifically was really, you know, try to create a strategic plan. Partnerships within your niche to help promote whatever it is that you’re looking to promote.

And then come coming with that, I think is the referred credibility from that person. And then also if it is a live webinar, if it is a live summit, it’s also that opportunity for the person who’s, you know, looking to purchase or you’re a potential client to get to know you and build on that credibility and trust as well. Those kind of like the two main factors that go into a successful kind of like, you know, list building strategy.

Well, it certainly makes it a lot easier. When you have an endorsement, you’ll find that when people come to your squeeze page that they will, they’ll opt in and much higher numbers. And once they get inside, if you’ve been thinking about monetization, they’re much more likely to convert and become a customer. So it’s certainly the place that I would start, if I was new to it, and fortunate enough to be operating in a niche that has like, kind of a community.

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