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Founder and CEO at Mirasee

Danny Iny (@DannyIny) is the founder of Mirasee, host of the Business Reimagined podcast, best-selling author of multiple books including Engagement from Scratch!, The Audience Revolution, and Teach and Grow Rich, and creator of the acclaimed Audience Business Masterclass and Course Builder’s Laboratory training programs, which have together graduated over 4,000 value-driven online entrepreneurs.


The Ladder Of Engagement Theory To Increase A Prospect’s Commitment

A lot of marketers focus on the things they can control, their copy, making their offer fit the market, the clarity of your message things like that.

However, there’s a lot of things you still can’t control such as how your message is interpreted. Part of that interpretation is all the prior experiences they’ve had in life.


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 Using the ladder of engagement theory to increase a prospect’s commitment

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Look at the lifecycle of people’s interaction with you. How they go from being a total stranger to discovering you and coming into your world. And look at every step. What are you asking them for? Right? What do they have put in?

And then what do you do to show them that an investment in their relationship with you is justified? It’s a good thing pays dividends. And then what’s the next thing you asked for? And you always want to be pushing the envelope a little bit, but not too much like pushing a little beyond where you are, but not so much. That’s like, that’s crazy. Right?

So that crazy example would be someone sees an article you read online, they click on a link because they want to learn more. And they get to a big blaring page that says, pay me $50,000 so that I can help you blah, blah, it’s like Whoa, dude, like, you know, back off, that’s way too much. But if they read something they like, they click through.

Why don’t you give me your name and email address so I can share even more? That would be valuable, you’re pushing the relationship up a little bit, but it’s warranted because they’ve already had a good impression. And so then they do. They give you a name and email address, then what do they get right away? Not a thank you for opting in.

Would you like to buy this? Right? It’s how do you show, wow, this was a good decision. Right? This was a good commitment. Every time I invest in this relationship, it gets even better. Right? Then maybe you’re sending them content and you’re asking for, and it’s important to vary the request for investment, because it’s easy to get into a holding pattern.

They’re on my list. And now, every time I’m sending emails, like, click here to read this, click here to read this, they do it, they click, right? They invest, they take that action, but it’s like, I’m not going anywhere. It’s you know, when you start dating someone, and where you are, after six months is the same place you were after four weeks. It’s like this relationship doesn’t feel like it’s going anywhere.

And that’s no good. You want to feel like it’s going somewhere. So always asking for more and deeper investments and always rewarding them for it. We can do it really interestingly.

If you look at segmentation technology, for example, used to be a lot harder to do, just go back four or five, six years. You know, if someone clicked on a link, it’s very hard for me to know that at scale. Someone attended a webinar. It’s very hard for me to know that.

But these days, technology allows you to really know how invested are people and you can do really interesting things. Right? You can, you know, once upon a time the idea of a great autoresponder when someone joins your list is they join, they get a few emails, and then we get an offer at sequential.

It’s like the same thing for everybody. Because it’s better than nothing. And that’s the best we could do. But now we can have them come on to an autoresponder get an onboarding sequence, have it fork, depending on what they engage with. And just send them great stuff and then use something like lead scoring.

So let’s say you have three subject areas that you teach about, right? And you send out content every now and then, every time they click, they get a point towards that one thing. When they get to 10 points, you’re like, okay, let’s trigger the offer. Now they’ve invested enough, let’s take them to the next level.

We can do really interesting stuff like that, but the core is to think about these paths where they start as a stranger who doesn’t know you, like or trust you. You have to earn that knowing, liking and trusting. And look at how with every interaction you ask them to take a little step towards you, and then you reward them for having done so.

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