Dave Schneider of Ninja Outreach

Dave Schneider

Co-Founder of Ninja Outreach.
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Co-Founder of Ninja Outreach. Dave’s proven method to get the attention of highly qualified prospects. You won’t find this method anywhere else and it can and should only be applied to the most successful people in the industry you want to connect with.


How To Cold Email Top Influencers (And Get A Reply)

What’s cool about my business Ninja Outreach is that my users will test out different email approaches for us, and then we can go back and crunch the numbers for them. Then we go ahead and put the best practices into use for ourselves and continually improve how we’re connecting with prospects.

Expert session

Tactic that has had the biggest impact on Dave’s success
Emailing top influencers and getting a reply.
Result if you follow the steps in Dave’s session
Connections with high value targets that gets you around the typical barriers of the cold email approach.

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First thing is you have to determine who are you even going after you know make a list of you’re like I said you’re sort of a b-list people that you’d really want to get in touch with you don’t know them right now but the type of people that you believe they’re influences in your community and their audience is someone that would be really beneficial for you if you could tap into them. So putting out a list of and it should be relatively small, list say ten to twenty or so people that you think you know if I could get on this person’s podcast or get featured on this person’s blog if they became a brand ambassador for me this I think would really move my business forward.

So you have to start basically by putting that list again. I want to stress that it’s not intended to be a lot like a hundred group of people because what’s going to be required going forward is you to really kind of follow them and engage with them and things of that nature and you just can’t really do that effectively with a hundred people so start with like a list of say ten or twenty from there you have to understand where are they communicating right because essentially the idea is for you to get in touch with them right. That’s just the whole point of everything that we’re talking about here. How do we get in touch with them?

Now I think most people approach sort of the average Joe who’s not trying to get in touch with someone who is you know on their a list is just going to shoot them an email and they might say something like hey Dave or you know wherever they’re going after I really love your stuff and I’d really like to pitch you on on my product I think it’s been sort of great and this not and this and that and that may work you know one out of a hundred times things like that versus paying attention.

Unfortunately the  reason that you know Colima is difficult is because the people that you want to email receive you know uh hundreds potentially of emails a day you know you hear stories of guys like Pat Flynn for example who had to declare email bankruptcy you know every six months or something because he just can’t keep up  with the number of emails that he has so just sort of directly send an email to him.

When you don’t already know him is maybe not going to be the most effective way to go about it you…

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