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Dave Smith

Founder at Make Your Body Work

Dave Smith is the founder of Make Your Body Work and helps fitness coaches build better online businesses. He’s been an online fitness coach since 2009 and was chosen as “Canada’s Top Fitness Professional” for his innovative online programs.

Each year he aims to work 50% less, while doubling revenues by systematizing, outsourcing, and automating his business.

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Offering lead magnets that inspire instead of teach

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An inspirational lead magnet, instead of teaching information, it’s about shifting someone’s mindset. So I’m going to use fitness as an example. Because this is a really easy one to understand.

Now when someone opts in on my website for my lead magnet, they’re actually not getting any educational content at all. What they’re getting is a message that they can change that, what they’ve tried in the past didn’t work, but it’s not their fault that it didn’t work.

It’s the fact that they’re following the wrong program, or they had the wrong steps, or they had the wrong mentality. Something was wrong in the past that was preventing them from succeeding.

But now I’m offering a new way that’s going to allow them to succeed. And so I use a bunch of different pieces to my lead magnet in my follow up sequence, but someone opts in and then once they’ve gone through these steps, and they really come out feeling super inspired, super motivated, and they realize that now’s the time that they can change.

Well, it’s such an easy sell because then I present them with the offer and say, you’re ready to make the change. Here’s how we’re going to do it.

Okay, so it’s really interesting, this different approach to the teaching method with the lead magnet. They’re coming out feeling maybe different like, with a teaching method. If, you know, someone say has gone through it, they feel like I’ve been taught this specific thing, I’ve come out like, I’ve maybe got a result and then I can maybe move on.

And this one is they’re feeling motivated, inspired. It’s like they’re ready and hot and warmed up like, what is it that you’re doing in you know, these inspirational that’s really getting them into that mood?

Yes, that’s a great question. So I’ll give you a couple examples. The first one, the way I stumbled upon this is I built, it was in spreadsheet actually, I built what I called was a sweet spot calculator and basically what it was, it allowed people to download this plug in some information. Then it pumped out to them what their ideal weight was and how long it would take them to get there.

And so you can imagine from an inspirational standpoint is ideal with women. So I only focus on women. A woman comes in puts in her information to this calculator. And it says, you can, your body has the ability to lose 50 pounds. And if you take the right steps, you’ll be able to do this in this many weeks. And so that’s inspirational because she sees the potential result, and how long it will take her to reach that.

So that’s one is giving a tool that allows people to assess where they can be in the future. That’s one example of an inspirational one.

Another one that I use a lot, is quizzes. And it takes people through a series of questions, same thing, and comes up with a result that tells them how long it will take them to get there or what their potential is.

And so it’s not just in the weight loss or in the fitness category. You can use this in business, you can use this as well.

So for example, say you were selling b2b services, helping someone converts Facebook ads better for example, you could take them through a quiz where it asked them a series of questions about their business, and then gives them results page saying, and if you change these things, or if you take these steps, here’s where your business could be six months from now.

And again, it’s that inspiration, it’s that motivation of your point A. We’re going to take you to point B and then you can, through the rest of your funnel, deliver them the offer that takes them to point B.

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