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Daven Michaels

Founder at 123Employee

Daven’s company 123Employee has been around for nearly a decade. Today, Daven has 550 employees on 3 continents. Daven is also a master at webinars and utilizes his team of Virtual Assistants to run these webinars.

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Tactic that has had the biggest impact on Daven’s success

Reinventing the launch model and creating a webinar launch model

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Make more money, have more leads and business and have the time to actually scale your business and do the things that juice and excite you

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So in the world webinars, there’s really three types of webinars.

There’s live, where like you and I are live right now. There is in my world like there’s what I call live pre recorded, which means it’s pre recorded but it’s played on live platform. And then there’s just straight up automated, which is like a platform like ever webinar or sorry, not ever webinar, yes, sorry, ever webinar or stealth and there’s a myriad of different options.

And we found over the years of doing probably 1000 webinars over the last decade or so, that we get the best conversion with live, okay. But if you do a live recorded, you can actually, if you put some tweaks into place, you can get just about the same effect and we knew that from doing 1000 webinars over the last 10 years or so.

And so what we did is we created a master webinar. This and we ran it to our list, we made sure that it converted. And when I recorded this master, I first sat my girlfriend, Liz, down, and I did it with her.

So she said, hey, everybody, welcome to the webinar. This is Liz Edited. Please welcome Daven Michaels. I’d say, hey, it’s great to be here. Thanks so much for having me. She say, hey, no problem. It’s really good that we’re able to connect. Yeah.

And then I said, yeah, I’m so glad that we’re here. Well, should we get into? And she said, yeah, let’s go ahead and do it. Okay, great. Well, let’s get started.

And after a while, she got bored. And so I said, you can leave, I’ll just talk to myself. And I talked to myself for the rest of the webinar.

So I share a strategy and I said, Oh, my gosh, down with that. So incredible. You know, I’m going to adopt this in my business. Yeah, I really think you should. Okay. And then we gave the webinar to our editor.

Our editor took out all the comments and scripts to them. And then we sent a script to each of our partners and our partners recorded those inserts. So now we have intro outro inserts.

And then they would take 10 minutes, a record that they would send it to us, we would chop it all back together, put it back together like a jigsaw puzzle. And then we would play it on a live platform like GoToWebinar.

And we would have, we had 10 go to accounts running simultaneously. We had chatters in all the accounts. And so the perception was live, it sounded live. If you asked a question, it was answered live in the chat. And that’s how we did it.

And then we developed a piece of software that allowed us to track everything. And that is basically how we did 140 webinars in 30 days. So I showed up the two of those webinars live.

One was the original master. And the second was one of our partners that just said we won’t do pre record, like it has to be live. You know, that’s our commitment to our people. And it has to be live.

So no problem and they’re big partners. So we got on and did, you know, 70, 80,000, so it was worth doing. And yeah, that’s what we did.

All right. So just thinking back on this, I’m looking at 140 webinars in the 30 days. What happened like after the 30 days, is this something that you do want on repeat or you’re still doing this as just like, okay, a 30 day kind of launch?

Yeah, so a lot of people, a lot of launchers they use time constraints, right, to get people to buy in a short amount of time. So they’ll open the cart for a week and then close it down, it’s done. Or maybe they’ll open the cart, close the cart, open it again, once or twice.

We basically, we made a contest for our part. So we gave them you know, 30 days to hit these numbers. And we gave away a bunch of prizes including a Porsche. I gave away a Porsche to Jay Boyer which was pretty cool.

And but then after that, we made it available evergreen. I don’t see the logic in not taking a successful campaign and continuing with it. It just doesn’t make any sense to me. So yeah, anytime we do a launch, after the launch, we just go evergreen and we’re running with whoever wants to run.

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