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David Murdico

Creative Director and Managing Partner at Supercool Creative Agency

David is the Creative Director and partner at Supercool Creative Agency. He writes, directs, markets videos for the coolest brands, businesses and startups on the planet. He has achieved millions of views leading to millions in sales.

In addition to running Supercool Creative Agency, David Murdico has written hundreds of articles and been interviewed by publications that include AdAge, AdWeek, iMedia Connection, Hubspot / Agency Post, MediaPost, Business Insider, Business2Community and Tubular Insights on the topics of online video and social media.

He’s been a featured panelist at the MediaPost Social Media Insider Summit, Digital Hollywood, Viral Summit, WebCongress and has frequently guest lectured at his alma mater, The University of Southern California.

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You could have a “Buy Now” type call to action, mixed with a subscribe. You could just bury in there so they like you said, if they’re not quite ready to pull the trigger right then but they like what they see, then they’re going to get maybe a regular email or they’re going to get more videos.

And then that takes them further, then you have multiple opportunities to save you sell multiple products or like for coupon sites, it’s great because, or the not like daily deal, daily doers are, like Deal of the Day type sites where every day they could get a new list of the things that are on sale that day, until finally something interests and they’re like, Oh, I want that, click. There’s a, you can use the old it’s very kind of cheesy, but the limited time offer type thing.

In that case, you’re probably not going to want to put, it’s a slight sidestep. But you might not want to put too much budget into a video like that. You might want to think about lower cost video production choices.

If you’re doing like a limited time offer video, you could maybe spend less on the video because you only get to use it for a short period of time unless you wanted to just always say that it’s a limited time offer.

Kind of like when you’re driving down the freeway and you see those big signs that say going out of business, closing clearance, everything must go and then you drive down six months later and the same store is still there at the same time. It says closing clearance, everything must go so they just don’t care.

So you could actually make a video that just says limited time offer. I’ve seen them on TV actually, those limited time offer, the first six callers get the discount. And then a week later in the next day, you see the same exact ad first six callers get the discount. So either nobody got the discount yet or they’re just always doing and that’s just their gimmick.

Another would be a to ask someone to share the video. That’s really good for awareness type. A lot of times, like going back to the example of Pizza Hut or when there’s a new product launch, especially on the brand side, or even startups and businesses that they have a new product or services, new product or service launching, they might just want to let people know.

So to get people to share the video to actually overtly get come out and say it, share this video. What that’ll do too, is a lot of times someone will watch a video there’s a really important point, your video may be targeting a certain buyer persona, certain audience, but it may get watched by somebody who really isn’t your target, but they like the video and they know somebody who is.

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