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David Walsh

Chief Video Geek at David Walsh Online
Over 100,000 Subscribers on YouTube and achieved over 11m views for his videos. David has helped Subscribers and Clients get over 10m Subscribers to their channels through free videos and working with them directly. David went from a marketing nobody to being one of the top, and well known, video marketing expert in just a few months of marketing his videos

David is a certified video marketing consultant who rose to the video marketing limelight by doing it for himself.
As a business owner, in 2013 David was running out of clients and had no more coming in. His fiancee had been out of work for a very long time, so things were beginning to get strained financially.

Beginning to get worried, David looked to see what had worked in the past to bring in clients quickly. He noticed that he had put up 4 badly lit videos – all with great content – on YouTube, and those 4 videos brought in 1 high paying client each.  All from San Diego, for some reason. Those clients ended up being worth over $10,000.  After realising this, David committed to creating 1 video a week to bring in more clients, and chose the subject of YouTube so he could appeal to a wider audience.

Within a few months, the YouTube Channel had grown to over 10,000 Subscribers and was on the radar of the top internet marketers, which became evident when attending internet marketing events. David became of of the top Go-To guys for YouTube and Video Marketing and is today one of the top YouTube Video Marketers in the world.


“How To” Shoot A “How To” On YouTube

People are so impatient! Especially when it comes to video, if you don’t get straight to the point they’re going to be hitting that back button in a heartbeat. No one is showing up to your videos to hear you “umming” or jumping from one topic to another… they clicked on your link to hear a specific piece of content!

If I’m describing your videos right now, then you need to immediately cut the fat out of your videos and start getting to the point within…

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Tactic that has had the biggest impact on David’s success
Shooting “how to” videos for YouTube.
Result if you follow the steps in David’s session
A process to create effective how to videos and build your audience online.

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The first one is your introduction which is how we talked earlier. You have about 5 to 10 seconds to capture people’s attention and that’s where at the beginning of the video, you just go if if you would like paint that you can wipe away all your your child’s crayon marks off  two simple steps.

Watch this video as I show you how. There you go, five seconds, five six seconds, that’s telling people exactly what contained in this particular video. So, if I’ve captured your attention at that point you’re, going to say further if it’s not for you you’re gonna click off and go somewhere else and you don’t want people on there who are not going to watch you.

On people, especially for business you want people who are interested in the topic that you’ve got and ultimately to buy the product or service that you’re selling. So, that’s the first point. A captivating introduction so tell them upfront what it is you’re talking about.

Then the next part is deliver and that’s what I call the promise and you have that also in your title as well and your thumbnail. So, that is your promise, this is what I promise to deliver to you on this particular video.

Then the second part is to deliver that promise, so you just give them that those steps to do what it is you’ve given and as the topic of your video and then third part is the call to action. Now for some people it would be, “Hey subscribe to this channel and get more videos like this each week,” or it would be, “Hey click on this click the link here go over to our site now and you can download paint you can buy paint and at you know you can give them about your coupon or something like that to do so.

So have that call to action whether it is and watch another video it is to sign up for a free report buy our products and go over to your website to check something  else out or whatever it is. So those three elements again I’ll just repeat them. Have a captivating intro to begin with to capture their attention.

Second is to deliver on that intro your promise and keep that as short as you can get straight to the point and then third point is to have a very strong call to action tell people what you  want them to do click this button here or click the icon in the top or click the link in the description below and to whatever it is that you want them to do.

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