David Woodward of ClickFunnels

David Woodward

Business Development Officer at ClickFunnels

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Dave Woodward is the Chief Business Development Officer for ClickFunnels. He’s a sales & marketing wiz and is one of the main reasons for ClickFunnels rapid growth.

They have over 55,000 customers using ClickFunnels to build out their funnels.


How To Multiply Your Profits With Upselling

David Woodward of ClickFunnels

From my time working at ClickFunnels I’ve seen millions of funnels built on our platform and I’ve seen that there are three funnels that stand out as top performers. They also can work incredibly well when used in a funnel stack all together.

These funnels are our tripwire, webinar, and high ticket selling funnels. Each has a different…

Expert session

Tactic that has had the biggest impact on David’s success

The Order Form Bump.

Result if you follow the steps in David’s session

A successful tripwire funnel that produces not only leads but also sales that at least breakeven on your traffic costs and provides a great source of revenue.

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Expert session snapshot


This is kind of how most of the tripwires work, where you see it’s a free plus shipping offer. We really like the 2-step order form you’ll see that here as I kind of go through this where  the idea behind a two-step order form is they’re gonna have the opportunity of capturing leads on the front end and if they don’t give you your correct the credit card information you still have a lead and just can follow up with them.

That’s gonna go into either an OTO and a down sale or just an OTO and another up sale or a mixture of both. You’ll find here what kind of went basically straight from the free plus shipping, the one-time offer the second one-time offer, and then thank-you page and on the “Thank You” page I’ll talked a little bit about what that awful wall is and why that’s so important.

Right here the idea is you guys you might remember back to the old days if you were on GoDaddy or any of these other types of pages where you included getting this endless loop of upsales. I can tell you one things we’ve tested a lot is how many upsells can you really offer without offending or really almost doing damage the reputation that you’re trying to build with these people.

What we see right now is you’re really – is about that most you can get away with and that’s really why we kind of snuck a third one in on the order form bump and I’ll show you that in just a second here here’s our free plus shipping offer who’s for dot-com secrets book we did this a couple years ago and these are the stats from that but you see we’ve got it a 2-step order form there on the right-hand side, so you’ve got shipping as far as you don’t where do you want to ship the address to see here you’re capturing their name their email address sometimes you can have the phone number and then the shipping address. The second step then is going to be the order is their actual billing information or credit card stuff.

What we found here was we had about 200,000 visitors that came in and that it actually generated 35,000 contacts. So, that was really what main thing we’re looking at is one of Jaron tunnel leads, but at the same time we want to be able pay for this for this traffic so we actually get out of 35,000 27,000 purchased we had about 14% conversion rate as far as visitors to the to the actual site.

This year as far as order for bumps what I want to focus on right now. So, what you find here is an DotCom secrets book with $7.95 they this is the second step. So again you saw on the first page the first step or they put in their name email address and shipping address here on the second page where they’re entering the credit card it’s a little tiny box down at the bottom and it’s basically it’s just a red arrow the point still in a box they can click and one-time offer here was $37.

So, we had a free plus shipping offer for you know seven dollars and 95 cents but when you’ve paid for traffic and you’ve got a cost everything else you gotta find some way of actually recouping those cost.

So let me show you some of the numbers and how this worked here what you find is we actually made about twenty thousand dollars as far as the free plus shipping so this is people pay the $7.95. But for us the main thing that really helps provide some additional revenue here was that order can bump it’s 37 bucks and what you’re going to see there is we had about two or eighty six thousand dollars it came in from that. In other words we doubled over on our on a revenue just because we added that order form up and we see this being pretty typical these days and it’s one of the main things.

So, right now it’s not a common what’s kind of classic these days you find about a 13 to 18 percent opt-in rate on most of these types of pages and then from that about a third of those will you send up in a sale.

So you got a it’s not uncommon we find you know even if you were down as low as 5% people actually buying or paying for the shipping the real thing here is that order combo. Because we find about 15 to 20 percent of the people who actually pay for the shipping here will actually take the offer as far as order from buck and that’s what’s gonna really increase you’ll see there as far as your average cart value. That eighteen dollars and 31 cents is critical to us.

So, without this we would have really been someone that almost opting you in $7.95 which really doesn’t pay for the books out gives to clean that much. So, the idea behind this order thumb bump is allows us put a simple once a real quick offer in there to generate that stuff.


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