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Deonna Monique Lewis

Founder & CEO at Boho Exotic Studio

Deonna Monique Lewis is the founder and CEO at Boho Exotic Studio.

Deonna went from working a full time job in the financial industry to running a multi million dollar business on Instagram selling to super models, celebrities, tv shows, and women all over the world all within one year.

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The success that I’m getting now is I don’t have to look for people anymore. I don’t have to. Because at the beginning I, you do what? Contact, contact.

You put in that footwork of contacting as many people as you can to showcase the product. That now I don’t do it anymore. Now I get, Oh, hey, I heard that you have you know, this product and I’ve loved it.

They contact me now so I don’t have to like look and search for people but that is what happens when you put that foot working in the beginning, that no sleeping but always contacting.

The getting your name out there day in and day out, day in and day out, like for you know a year two years and this is like team no sleep.

This is doing this you know not just getting excited because you got you know one person to showcase your product but you’re constantly doing it you’re not stopping so that’s what I did on a consistent basis.

And now you know I don’t have to do that I’m, product is in major magazines all over the world. In movies, and this isn’t, I didn’t have to knock, the door actually came to me.

And that was, that’s just it, was just basic footwork of everything, thing that I just said on a consistent basis.

Yeah, I’m sure people watching this and going, Yes, that’s exactly where I want to get to. I need to follow this, this process. And you said, you know, you’re being really consistent about it.

How many times were you, you know, reaching out and contacting, you know, these influencers or people to actually showcase your product on a you know, was it a daily basis? And if so, how many per day?

Yeah, it was definitely a daily basis and it was, I didn’t really think of how many per day but if I were to think about it, I would say about, I would find one good one like I wouldn’t do 10 people in a week or something like that, I want.

My main thing is you know, my business name is Boho Exotic Studios. One it’s a girl that looked bohemian, looks exotic, wore hair extensions. I wanted someone to reflect what I, what I sold.

So I constantly went after whoever that was, I would just scroll through and find a beautiful woman that wore hair extensions. And I sought after that person and that’s what I did always.

And I still do it. I’ll just scroll and try to find someone you know, I now like to find new people new fresh faces, because once they leave and are with my company, they usually get the opportunity to do a lot of bigger things. So it’s kind of like if you’re a model for the company before my brand.

There is opportunities out there for you if you’re trying to escalate your own business. So it’s not just it’s not just where my product and you get to wear my product, you know you’re wearing it and you’re actually keep getting discovered.

And, and so that’s a really, I mean, that’s a really awesome thing to know. But it’s all about what you know, since I’m in the beauty industry, I have to be very careful on who I select and I don’t want to just go network to 10-30 people, I think being selective is more where to add.

Like, for instance, if I were to sell fitness clothes, for instance, I wouldn’t go to any beauty person, I would go to people that worked out a lot. And, and, you know, people that that show their skin a lot. You know, I would just that’s what I would follow in the wavelength of whatever it is that I’m selling.

And at that point, you know, I would do I would probably contact since there’s not many people in fitness, probably contact every single person that I could think of or see on Instagram and get my face out there that way.

But it’s all about just hitting the streets that even if you have one good one that really represents the company, then you’re golden. You don’t need hundreds of thousands, you really just need that one that can be able to represent the brand.

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