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Derral Eves

Video Marketing Strategist at Creatus

Derral helped generate over 5 billion video views and counting. He is a highly sought-after video consultant who creates unique solutions for clients wanting a more successful online marketing presence. His areas of expertise include generating traffic, audience development, and converting traffic into revenue.

Derral has the biggest “How to YouTube” channel in the world with over 280,000 subscribers and has done this with only dedicating 45 mins a week. He also has generated over 100 million dollars for his clients using online video. He is really proud of one video that was created for less than $8K and has generated over $650,000 in organic sales with no paid advertising at all. The campaign still makes over 20K a week and counting.


What Makes A Good Video? Tips From 5 Billion Views

I’m a father of five and I live right outside one of the most beautiful places in the world, Zion National Park. Google it! The great thing about being an entrepreneur is that you can live wherever and do exactly what you want to do.

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So you have to really bring it into perspective is what is going to keep people watching the video. So we’re making a video right now, this is what we’re doing. So there’s only three ways that you can actually bring value and keep someone watching through the whole video.

The first one is to inspire. I can inspire them to be better. I can, you know, go through this inspirational movement and you know, the emotion that comes with a video. That’s probably not going to happen too much in this video.

The second one is to educate. To educate is a very powerful form. If somebody wants to learn something, and they’re going to get knowledge, you know, if they’re watching a video, that’s a great way to bring value. And that’s what this video is, we’ll have some inspiration. And then the third one is to entertain.

So those are the only three values that I know of that you can actually do in a video is; to inspire, educate and entertain. And when you can actually bring all three of them together, or even two of those components together, you actually can have some magic and where people will watch an eight hour video if you do it right.

You really can just, case in point for this, we actually put out a lot of different videos, you know, whether it’s, you know, sitcom type of sketch comedy, or we’ll do ads, or we’ll do how to tutorials, or we’ll be promoting this event, whatever it may be. And what’s really interesting is the data that we’re able to collect and knowing beforehand that we need to bring value back to the viewer.

And we know that that’s our number one goal. Outside of, you know, a lot of people says, “Well, my main goal is to get them to buy something”, well, if you can’t get him to the point where you do your call to action, they’re not gonna buy anything. If you can’t educate and say, “Hey, I need to check out more. I’m ready to buy”, then you actually lose that.

So those are the three ways that you can actually do that. And, yeah, if someone would give it a little bit more thought of how to actually do that, before they actually start creating the video, then you’re gonna find your videos are actually going to perform better, you’re going to engage with the audience a lot better, and you’re going to get more success than just kind of, you know, turn on the camera and just run with it.

Yeah, I think we were talking a little bit prior to this recording about audience retention and creating that engagement with the audience ultimately, and I think that’s your point there, is you need to get them to the call to action. The call to action at the very end, otherwise, it’s just going to drop off and they’re not going to actually do any or when yet.

Pointless to make that video. I mean, that’s the whole thing is. If you’re putting all this time and effort and energy in creating a video, you’re putting all this time, effort and energy and promoting that video.

And if you can’t get them to the end, wow, you can’t get them to, you know, fulfill with its purpose. You know, you’re wasting a lot of time, the viewers time and also your time.

All right. So we’ve got these three kind of pillars, I suppose. And we’ve got to either at least hit one or two, if preferable with those videos that you’ve seen the most success, are they hitting all three?

I know that, like they’ll either do one really well with kind of a pepper of the other. But yeah, I mean, like it all comes back down to, yes, you can do it individually just to educate.

Well, you’ve got to keep in mind, maybe that’s the type that your audience wants, is just straight education, no personality into it, they just want the information really quick. Those can perform really well and do exactly what it wants to do.

So it really depends on what type of audience that you’re actually going after. And you know, what type of content would resonate with them to take action.

Because what we want them to do is not only to watch the video, but at the end of the video, I want that viewer to take action, whether it’s to share the video with someone that they’re friends with, because they have the same, you know, the same type of interests. And they found this is interesting enough or entertaining enough or inspiring enough that they want to share it.

So my question to you guys that are watching this video right now, what videos did you share today? What videos did you share this week? And why did you actually share those videos?

See, that’s what you got to think about before you actually create content, is why are you doing what you’re doing? And then how do you actually replicate, how do you actually get a video made? So someone like you would actually share it.

So there’s a lot of great opportunity there. But no, you do not have to be just, you know, two of them to have full success. There’s a couple people I know, that really want to educate and entertain, and they do a horrible job at entertaining, and they do a horrible job at educating. And they would do better if they would just pick one, and kind of go that route, but they’re trying to do something that they’re not.

And I think that’s another thing too, is if you’re not authentic in the video, if you’re not, if the video itself is not authentic, people are going to see right through it and they’re not going to watch it, you know, they’re like, “oh, this just jumped”, just because it’s not authentic.

Now, it could be a parody or something like that. And yeah, it can be fun, because it’s more comical and it’s more, you know, there to entertain. That’s great.

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