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Doberman Dan

Founder at Doberman Dan Letter

Doberman Dan is a 30-year serial entrepreneur and direct response copywriter. He has worked in a variety of niches but his specialty has been the health, fitness and bodybuilding markets.

Dan has started 4 of his own nutritional supplement businesses and sold three of them, enjoying two different bouts of mini-retirement.

Doberman has been publishing The Doberman Dan Letter since 2011 and has many of the most successful marketers in the world as subscribers.

He has written hundreds of successful ads, direct mail packages, websites, e-mail marketing campaigns, feature articles, and newsletters.

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Tactic that has had the biggest impact on Doberman’s success

Identifying the audience who resonate the most and knowing their language

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Get your emails open, read and acted upon

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You got to know how your audience talks. And I’d send out emails like that. I really wanted to provide good content, but I also want to be entertaining and talk to them like they talk. This is how they talk in the gym, you know and offer that and offer suggestions.

So I really sincerely wanted to help people and then you know, maybe it was a little mention in the copy or in a PS like hey, you know, by the way I thought you might want to check out hyper gain like guys love it, getting good results from it, you know, maybe I’ll include a testimonial you know, check out what Eddie de la Cruz in New York City said you know, blah blah that was it.

Now that’s I got to say it that’s a great formula. It’s a formula I still use today in my current business, my publishing business in my membership, might what I call them my marketing Camelot.

But what I know now, I should have been doing emails at least five days a week. And you know, what if people opted out great, let them opt out. Those are probably people who weren’t going to become customers or just weren’t my ideal customer.

Look, if they didn’t like my stuff, business was based on my personality. Okay? So if they didn’t like me, they didn’t like my stuff. People don’t do business with a business. People do business with a person. So I’m a person, they didn’t like me. Probably not going to do business with me. Great.

I want to do everything possible to repel them and get them on my off my list because it costs me money, man, it costs me money to acquire them. I know it doesn’t cost money to send emails, but you know what? You can get absolutely wealthy, just marketing to the teeny tiny, the 20% of the 20% which the 4%.

The people who love you, who resonate with your message, who love your products, who buy the most frequently and place the biggest orders, you know, they’re just a small percentage. You can get rich off of just them. And these are the people who resonate with you, relate to you, like you.

Hell, in some cases, they may even love you if you do your emails right. You know how to do this, they’re gonna feel like you’re their best friend. They may even love you. It’s amazing.

I get people, I won’t go off on that tangent. Yes, you can get people to fall in love with email, and those people can make you wealthy. All right, so they’re not going to opt out.

The ones that opt out are your 80 percenters, okay, you get one sale out of them. Maybe another one. But you know what those you get? Those customers are just not where you can make the majority of your profits. You want them to opt out.

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