Douglas Karr of DK New Media

Douglas Karr

CEO of DK New Media

Douglas assists companies like Dell, GoDaddy, and Chase to build authority online. He works with very large properties that are too large to utilize out of the box platforms for analysis and tracking. In one case, his team built out a big data engine that provided organic search analysis that resulted in a change of strategies for Angie’s List. The change directly attributing an increase of $2.5 million dollars in revenue.


The Content Library That Will Earn Better Backlinks

A lot of the times it’s actually the large companies that really struggle when it comes to competing in a small niche.

That’s such a huge competitive advantage for small business owners to take notice of.

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Tactic that has had the biggest impact on Douglas’ success

Building multi-media content libraries, collapsing large sites into logical hierarchies and then producing rich user experiences that drive shares, links, engagement, and conversions

Result if you follow the steps in Douglas’ session

Create a content library that will earn better backlinks and higher ranking

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Probably the biggest is when we do really in depth content with primary or secondary research. Primary research is obviously testing that you’ve done internal and data that you can share with your audience. Secondary research is going out and finding data on the web.

And when we compile that in a great article, maybe add an informational graphic to it and infographic to it. Then we might deploy pitching so we might go to some major sites and say, “Hey, you know, we’ve written about this in-depth. We noticed that you have an article out there but your article is outdated, if you’d like to update it with this information”. And a lot of times, people absolutely love that.

Producers like me, I have a publication online, I love getting pitched with new information that’s really helpful to my clients. But I’m not going to just pitch anything. I really need something that is data specific and something that’s going to teach the audience something.

Interesting. And so, when we’re giving them this extra bit of data, we’re doing it on the premise that are well if you can link back to us or use this and you know, make sure that you source?

Yeah, and we don’t you know, we don’t for the backlink. If people even share it socially, that’s even great because that can lead obviously to other people reading the article, and then referencing the article from theirs.

I think the world is a pretty overwhelmingly, a good place where if you do a great job online, people are going to give you that link back and so we don’t go beg. Like I said, we don’t go beg for links, we put tons of information out there on a given topic that’s really well produced and rich, and then people wind up just doing it.

Once they hear about it, they do it a lot of times. We’ll kickstart it, you know, we might put a paid social advertisement out there on Facebook or stumble upon or something like that, you know, just to get the ball rolling. But a lot of times, we don’t put any money behind it, and we just let the article start to, to grow naturally.

And people find it, share it and then produce links on it. And so, what we find is that link earning is the richest links that we ever see, and ultimately gets us ranked far better than if we spend all of our time, you know, with these pitching engines and spamming the heck out of people, you know, to try to get a backlink.

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