Erik Harbison of AWeber

Erik Harbison

Chief Marketing Officer at AWeber
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Erik Harbison is a marketing enthusiast with over 20 years of experience educating and executing digital marketing solutions for top brands in the consumer and b2b spaces. In that time, he has helped top retail brands and professional sports leagues recognize ‘more with less’ success with email campaigns. More recently at AWeber, helping small businesses succeed with email automation solutions and integrations to recognized growth.  


Signup Form Checklist To Build Your Email List Fast

Right now at Aweber we’re servicing over 100,000 small businesses globally, and we’re sending over 2 billion emails per month.

If I had one wish from the internet marketing genie I’d wish that people would stop thinking of email as solely a blast mechanism. Email is really meant to be a platform to help you build relationships and you’re not going…

Expert session

Tactic that has had the biggest impact on Erik’s success
Building an engaged audience with email maintaining a quality email audience.
Result if you follow the steps in Erik’s session
Optimized lead forms by using the best practices of email giant Aweber.

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It’s that key piece that’s critical to growing that audience. It becomes one of the main things that a marketer should be testing.

The first thing that I always recommend is asking your customers.”Customers will say, “what do you mean by that? If you’re thinking about launching a new piece of content, ask a pool of 10 or 15 customers. See what they think. Get their feedback. That will certainly put you in better a direction as you start. At least you’re informed before you launch that signup form. This can be done with a survey link or something.

I say that a lot. Just asking the customer what they think. It doesn’t have to be a two-one process, it can be done in like two days. Once you get their information really..

Step one, set the expectations. Make it clear that the value you are providing is in that sign up form.

I’ve seen so many examples and we’ve seen so many examples were it’s not that clear. You’re really not sure what you’re signing up for. You do see the form, and you know you’re giving information to get something but that something isn’t clear. Make that something explicitly clear.

It doesn’t have to be more than just a headline and a subheadline to capture what it is that you are providing.

Having that covered, incentives are also important when it comes to the signup form.

And in most businesses, that we consult that have a coaching-consulting a design shop, what have you? It could simply be the top ten things or a list the Col of some kind and a PDF that your audience is gonna love to read about. And back to my first step about asking your customers, you ask the right questions you’ll get information that’ll identify what incentives gonna make sense for potential customers that you want to attract.

Again, things that have worked well. A simple PDF a 30 minute webinar sign up, give us your information to join this exclusive conversation with whomever, e-books, which are longer form content again, depending your product and you’re selling it may require a longer form content which is fine, because if your prospective customer, once that had.

That’s a great incentive to include and before giving it all that kind of out in the open, find a platform or solution that renders well, on mobile, I think that this begin with the end-in-mind mentality when it comes to launching programs, make sure that that information is gonna render well for that percentage of customers that are consuming your site on a mobile device, which is more than you probably think. So just make sure that it’s covered just for that experience you want that experience to be as great as possible to.

Comes to the content fleshing out the content for the ask, if you will. And I mentioned this before. Most forms asked for about four to five fields and if you’re just looking to start building an audience to engage with you only need their name and email address quite frankly, you mean? I do need their name. If you’re just looking to kind of build a relationship, let your Follow-up Series continue to build that relationship and nurture that relationship but don’t ask for too much.

Start with the name and an email. If it’s a name, start with the first name and what comes to email field, here’s something to test, which is a lot of folks like the put be email inside of the field form.

One thing to try is the content or what you’re looking for, outside of the field form. Once you click in that field for him, you forget what you clicked on. When it comes to asking for a email address. Really, I think about it, if you’re. B-B-marketer is your target consumer or those you wanna build a relationship with, are they contacting or connecting with you at work?

So when I ask for their work email address instead of… You may have seen this before, but in a business email or work email or a best email. Try that, compare it just asking for an email address ’cause you’d be surprised at what you see in there. And it’s okay if you don’t get as many as you would expect it because again you’re looking for quality in that because you only want people that want to hear from you by giving you their work emails.

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