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Fabrizio Poli

Founder at Tyrus Wings

Fabrizio Poli is a pilot and the founder of Tyrus Wings, a company offering customized aviation solutions, from aircraft sales to short term leasing. Fabrizio is attracting clients, using the fishing approach on LinkedIn. His profile and his LinkedIn Pulse posts bring Fabrizio media coverage as well as clients. He even used LinkedIn to find his business partner as well.

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You have to have a look and see what your competition are already doing online. Okay? Because it’s very important that you have a unique selling proposition, you have to position yourself in a unique way. Okay?

So immediately whoever’s reading about you’re watching you on a video wherever they perceive you as different to the others, because the question is always, why do I do business with you and not the guy next door? Okay? So you have to position yourself in a unique way.

Now for example, with real estate, I would certainly do videos and YouTube videos use drones and stuff like that, but I would also start blogging and using LinkedIn in particular, because there’s a lot of property investors out there on LinkedIn.

Okay, so you’ve got to start writing about what you know about but right in a unique way, and why a lot of stuff. I mean, I post probably three or four times a week now, sometimes a bit less depends what’s going on with the business and what’s going on in the world.

I always try and make sure that I write something that’s going to be interesting. Okay, more stuff. You write more chance you have of capturing. The one is all about the one, okay?

I don’t need to sell a plane a day, okay, if I sell three or four aircraft a year, I’m happy, okay, I don’t need to sell two cars because it’s very high end, I make a lot of money on each transaction. So I’m not selling like a book or something like that, which I maybe make $10 on.

So I’m aiming very, very niche. The same with the luxury property guy. I mean, these luxury property guys maybe make three $400,000 per sale.

So again, it’s very, very high, but they have to be perceived as the expert. So they have to share information about what they know go about it in a very unique way. I mean, when I always tell people I don’t just sell you the plane. I’m worried about you having a positive airplane experience.

So and I tell them all about the pilots and how important is to choose the right pilot, and it’s not about having some hot shot from the US Navy or whatever. No, it’s somebody that understands your personality.

It’s very important with a private jet, private jet is private. You need somebody that’s going to stay with you a long time, someone’s going to stay with you five minutes, because pilots like to talk, especially in the bar at night, you don’t want any of that going on, you want to stay probably on the guy to stay very long time.

So it’s always best to choose the man, the right man, and then maybe training on that particular era. So I talk a lot about the pilot as well as the plane. And I package it together as one. A lot of my competitors are just worried about selling a plane. I mean, that guy that I spoke to the other day, if it had been somebody else, they would have sold him a plane for a million dollars. Taking the money when we had a lady course a couple of years ago from Nigeria, and she had these two planes for sale.

So Felicia, can you help me sell my two plates? I said, Okay. How much do you want? She got all alone. She wanted $3.2 million for one of these planes. So I did an analysis and I said, I said Heather, this plane of yours is worth 2.6 million. And it turns out she’d overpaid for the airplane. To the extent that the broker the shoulder the plane had made $700,000 per plane which is unheard of on a bigger play little on this small little tiny plane.

So I said, what made you buy this plane? Oh, it was pretty. Ah. So what happened, this guy that sold the plane was not selling or what she needed. He was selling, he saw he could make a lot of money. And that was probably number one priority for him.

Number two, she thought it was pretty. He could make $700,000 he made the money and ran. And now she finds herself not needing these. They were too small. They didn’t do what she needed. She needed to sell them again. She wants to recoup the money, which she wasn’t going to recuperate.

We managed to put together a lease for her, which she didn’t go for unfortunately. And then we let her go. And then she rings me up a year later expecting the same money for the airplane. I said, well, it’s actually gone down if I know it hasn’t flown. She says to me, it’s still going down in value. It’s now worth 2.2. But you know, we never did any business with this lady.

But it told us how other people are doing this business. So then it helped us to tweak the way we do it. To make sure that when someone does come in, and we have a 25% closure rate, so that’s very, very high.

When people come to us and they sit down, we have a 25% chance of the deal going through. But that’s because we’ve managed to filter out a lot of the time wasters. And we’ve also positioned ourselves in a certain way to attract the right people.

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