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Farokh Sarmad

Entrepreneur at Mr. Goodlife

Farokh basically turned Instagram into a 6-figure business in just a few months and own an advertising agency that has a reach of over 40,000,000 followers.

Farokh Sarmad actively work and have collaborated with over 1,000 people/brands that needed to boost their social media presence, or simply their product sales. He took advantage of the social media skills he had gained and built his own conglomerate of pages and network.

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Being unique and consistent

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There’s multiple you know, tips and tricks to managing multiple accounts because you don’t want to post the same content on all of them. Right, because the way I managed to grow all the accounts, you know, I think we’ve got eight of them. They’re over 300,000 followers today is because we diversified the content.

So if I’m going to post something on my page, Mr. Good Life, I’m going to go post the exact same photo the next day or the same day on life, the billionaire, even if Northern Sydney is absolutely no sense. So the best way to manage them multiple channels, well, first of all, you have to manually do it.

Because Instagram does not allow any sort of automation, as most of you probably know that. There’s no app out there today that will go and post for you. So you either have to hire someone, or have a team working for you or you have to do it yourself.

Currently, I have about eight people running 12 of my pages, because I’ve got to the point where I really have plans to be posting five, six times a day on every single page. That’s like 6070 plus per day, which is crazy. So the way I manage it is I have a team.

Like I said the post regular The I would say four or five times a day on each page. And besides that, there’s a bunch of little tools and applications you can use on the site to help you schedule like Hootsuite. Hootsuite, I would say is the only application use is it complete with a great, great, great app. Basically, what it allows you to do is schedule in advance.

So there’s no you know, timeframe, you can schedule as long as you want. So let’s say today, we’re may 30. I want to pose for June 5, so I’ll schedule it for the time exact date. I’ll put in the post and the caption. And then the application on June 5, at that time, will send you a reminder.

I will click on it, and it will prepare the post I’ll have to do is share on Instagram, but see, you still need that human interaction because Instagram really really doesn’t allow and you know, like automation and bots?

Absolutely you can be absolutely you can be banned like you’ve created a following of 300,000 You’ve spent hours and months putting together these followers and then you do something that’s automated and it can, it’s very risky.

You’re walking the line of getting banned so so you’ve got eight people working for you. At what are what are they doing? What are their day to day? You know, tasks? Are they literally just posting posting for you? Are they creating the images? The captions? Can you just walk us through that?

Yeah. So so basically what they’re doing is I seem to post content regularly because to me, they’re the three golden rules to, to to successful Instagram page.

So number one, is you have to be unique and different. So it goes back to what I was saying earlier, you have to post unique content.

You don’t want people don’t want to see the same thing posted over and over and over and over and over again, on multiple pages, which is what put us apart and made my entire brand stand out from the others which is why we grew up so fast in the last year.

The second rule is content, you need good, good, good content. That’s, you know, that’s an obvious one. And the third one is internet work a lot.

So when I asked, the people that are running my pages is to post, let’s say, three to six times a day, per page in order to keep, you know, in order to keep the page running, because as you know, the API’s of Instagram make it so that not everybody sees the your posts.

So if you post regularly, then you’re sure that every time of the day people will be seeing you on the newsfeed right so this is what I asked them we make our own captions as well. So you have to come with call to actions.

Let’s say I’m posting like a cool photos of two cars. I’ll be like, pick one and tag a friend or if you’re tagging on my love pages, the people that are posting love photos are saying like, you know, Tiger tag your loved one, or you know, things like that. You come up with their own descriptions.

And when it comes to the advertising to the business side, I still take care of it. Because the Like, you know, being on top of my business and what’s going on and like, you know, making sure that I make the post right for my clients.

But besides that I usually sometimes when I don’t have time to do it, I’ll just send them over and be like, hey, can you post this at that time factory blah, blah, or set up on Hootsuite so you can just have it there on the phones.

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