Greg Mercer of Jungle Scout

Greg Mercer

Founder and CEO of Jungle Scout

Greg is the founder and CEO of Jungle Scout, a suite of tools that empowers freedom builders. As a successful entrepreneur, Greg leads a team of 35+ employees. He is also an influential educator, offering free and inspirational content that has helped thousands of people build their own businesses and freedom.

This educational content has also helped to raise tens of thousands of dollars for charity. He loves big data, technology, ecommerce, good coffee and currently travels the world as a nomad with his wife, Elizabeth. Currently, he is working on ground breaking projects that take Amazon seller software to the next level, inspiring other freedom builders and collaborating with entrepreneurs on exciting podcasts!


Increase Your Reach With Influencer Partnerships

I went to Auburn University to become a civil engineer, but engineering wasn’t a good fit.

I wanted to run my own business so I started selling products on Amazon.

It was going well so I wanted to find other products to sell and that’s how Jungle Scout was born.

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Increasing reach with influencer partnerships.

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Expand your reach dramatically by leveraging partner audiences.

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The biggest piece of advice I have for anyone, like regarding that is, you always need to be thinking about like, first, what can I do to provide value to this person’s audience? You know, so like that, you know, that first person happened to ask me but after you know, after that was okay, if I want to scale this, I need to get in front of other people’s audiences. And that usually meant, you know, like outreach.

So it was really kind of like on a case by case basis of like, what’s like the most value I can provide to this person’s audience because like, if you were to email someone be like, Hey, I want to sell my, you know, I want to sell my software to your audience, like, can I get on a webinar?

For me, it’s like, even if you have an affiliate program, most people are going to say no, because they’re, like, very protective of their audience, like they want to just like provide value to their audience. So instead, if it’s like, hey, like, I would love you know, to do a free webinar for your audience.

I would love to show them how to find like, their first product to sell on Amazon, or how to find more products for them to sell on Amazon, you know, like I could demo my tool or not included that, like that’s totally up to you. Like I just want to provide value to your audience and talk to them about how you know I scaled up my Amazon business by adding more products to it.

Okay, so when you’re, so there’s a there’s a generalized approach by just looking at individually identify a network that has your you know, your target audience, your potential prospects in there. And then we want to look at during a webinar and ask them. Is there a specific approach that we just go direct cold email? You know, is it you know, do the ask straight away? What have you seen work best?

Yeah, that’s really a great question. So typically, I would say like people with a little bit smaller audience that are like a little bit more hungry to be creating content and to have guests to help them create content.

A lot of times like with those audiences, it works just to do a cold email just saying like, Hey, I would love to like, you know, do a webinar with you on to like, yeah, you know, demo this product or show you how to find prices on Amazon.

So, I said that works with like people with smaller audiences or maybe like Arnaz larger influencers. Once you talk about like, what she is talking about, like the larger influencers, who are influencers, who have very big audiences, you know, have like top 50 podcasts on iTunes, or YouTube channels with over 100,000 subscribers or whatever else.

These types of people are getting pitched like all the time, so they’re not really, you know, if they’ve never heard of you and they’re just getting a cold email from you, they’re probably going to be like, ah, like, screw off, dude, I don’t kind of know who you are.

And I think about like, over the years how I’ve kind of like built up my personal you know, like business network. It’s a little bit of like a stair step approach right so like, you know, the earliest people I did, you know, webinars with, they typically had like, smaller audience, my way up to something a little bit bigger, and by that time, I could show them like, oh, here’s some examples of ones I have done in the past and the same thing kind of works for networking.

You know, you kind of like if you want to meet like, Gary Vaynerchuk, right? It’s pretty hard like just like cold email Gary V. and like, get him you know, it’s like be friends with you. But if you think about like, okay, like who are some of the people that he’s friends with, you know, that are maybe have like smaller audiences. It’s like, okay, like some of the people in my network are kind of like friends with them if I could be introduced to them. Like over time they get the same conferences or whatever else, then I could probably get introduced to Gary V.

So it’s a little bit of like this like stair step approach of like, you know, building out your business network and you just kind of like, it kind of naturally happens, but you kind of just like work your way up a little bit over time.

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