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Guillaume Cabane

VP Growth at Segment

Guillaume Cabane is the VP of Growth at Segment. Prior to joining Segment he was Head of Marketing at Mention. In addition to other marketing roles at French companies, Guillaume spent 6 years at Apple as the Business Development Manager for Europe Online B2B.

Outside of work, Guillaume is a startup advisor, husband, father, cheese-eater and Pastafarian.

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Using Zapier to combine the benefits of Clearbit reveal (IP to domain API), Clearbit prospector (Domain to people api), Madkudu (lead scoring), Segment, Customer.io (outreach)

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One caveat that everyone needs to know is this strategy is useful for like a combination of two specific businesses. One, only for B2B. The tactic I talked about only works for B2B. And you can understand very quickly why. And secondly, you need to have some kind of traffic volume. This is not pulling people to your website, this is actually optimizing the conversion on your website.

If you don’t have any traffic on the website, this is not what I recommend right now. But if this solves the problem that we all have, when we actually have some good SEO, some good SEM and whatnot, but like they don’t convert, and to give you an idea, the reason why we launched that is that, we found out that of course, we have very high bounce rates, but as everyone has, but outside of the bounce rates, conversion rates on your website, from like visitors to when you capture the email or when people pay is like always below like 10% and usually below 5%.

No one converts like 30% of the visitors at scale, right? No one, right, which means that you’re leaving on the table around 90% of the people that you paid for or that you work to get, right. It’s like, what can you do for those people and within those people who are qualified. And so let’s dive right in.

And the strategy I’m talking about is actually using a reverse IP tool, which is called Clearbit reveal, which actually helps you add that to your website and to JavaScript. And it’s actually where look at all the visitors, it’s going to look at the IP address, and then it has a huge database. And for each IP address, they’re going to look, Hey, does that correspond to a company we know? Right?

And they have a pretty good coverage or in our case, we’re able to get about 36%, 40% of domains and company details back for each visitor and the 60 other percent usually is going to be like individual people who connect from home or mobile phones and you don’t have any data there. Right?

So like, we have like those 40% people, which is huge, right? And the second thing is you say, Well, yeah, I know I have companies, have these, the right kind of companies, right? Well, that’s something else. And it’s another tool. And the tool, it’s called MadKudu. And what MadKudu does, it’s a scoring API, and they look at your past conversions.

And they look at the companies that converted and again, the connected climate to know more details about the company clip, it gives you about 120 different attributes for each company, anything for like the employee account, the revenue, if it’s a public company, or like the funding rounds, if it’s a startup, the technology that they have, a lot of things like that, right?

So it gives you like a lot of firmographics, demographics and companies and if you look at like, one year of conversions, we have a pretty good idea of who converts, right? Which kind of companies convert, and you can apply that into a machine learning. That’s what MadKudu does for you as a service in an API.

So you just send them in a company, adjacent object and say, Hey, you know, how does that score? And they’re going to range that from like, a very good, good, medium and low. And you can say, “Well, yeah, I’ve tried that, didn’t work well”.

Well, I’ve tried not to do here. Just to give you an idea, they correctly predict 75% of our business revenue within 10% of our leads. It’s a very significant reduction in knots, like very significant, right?

And so when you apply that to the fact that you’re able to deanonymize anonymous traffic, while you’re able to stay within that anonymous traffic within the people who don’t convert. Are we losing people at very high value? And the answer is yes.

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