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Hernan Vazquez – Digital Marketing Trainer and Consultant at Hernan Vazquez Media LLC  who has helped companies going from $3,000 – $5,000 per month to $40,000-$60,000 per month in just 6 months using specific advertising, sales funnels and SEO techniques. He has also helped his students grow their digital marketing agencies to 6 and 7 figures, get better quality clients and work less.


My Free Automated Link Building System With High Authority Sites

I had to develop a strategy with my business partners back when we all had our own SEO agencies. We were dealing with clients but we were doing it all by ourselves, separately.

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Using automated link building system with high authority sites

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An automatic backlink syndication network created using IFTTT and recipes that allow you to create duplicate content across platforms

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So, the step one is the account setup, okay. This is the basic I would say the accounts that you want to set up when you, when you’re running an IFTTT syndication network.

So, you probably already have a Facebook page for your business, you probably or may not have a Twitter, a Twitter profile for your business. You probably have a Google Plus page if you don’t, you need to create it. Google Drive, it’s also advisable to have and you can do that with a Gmail account.

And then there are some other places that people are not actively opening accounts on, which are Diigo. Diigo.com and don’t worry because I’m going to share with you guys all of the URLs for everything. Delicious.com, which is another social bookmarking website. WordPress.com, Tumblr, blogger, pocket.com as well bit.ly and OneNote.

This is the basic amount of accounts that I would recommend and again, don’t worry, because you know, I have a list that you can download. I have this prepared for you but this is basically the account setup and there’s a bunch of others but these are the highest authority websites. So, if you really want to go with the bare minimum go with this website okay.

So, this is step number one, you want to create your accounts on your you know, your Facebook page, your Twitter profile, your YouTube channel, if you’re doing any YouTube at all.

And you want them to be branded, meaning add your logo, add your description, keep it consistent across the across the accounts, and you want to make them look like a landing page. By that I mean these are some examples, you know, from my Twitter profile, my Facebook page and whatnot.

And as you can see, I’m having a theme here and this is important for SEO purposes later on. Okay, you want to create a theme around your brand, you want to have the same homepage in all of these websites, you want to have the same description on all of these websites because that creates a theme, an SEO theme around your website. So that those are best practices to create your accounts.

Okay. So, number one is the recipes on IFTTT. So, you have to go to ifttt.com. You create an account, it’s completely for free. That’s step number one.

Step number two is to download these recipes, which is if you go to semantic mastery.com forward slash success, you will have access to the Google Doc that you can make a copy.

You know, there’s nothing to opt in for you just make a copy and you will be able to see the recipes that you want to import into your account. So, these are some examples. This is what you’re going to find on the document.

Okay, so as you can see, on the left, we have the recipe. So, all you need to do is to open this once you have your ifttt.com account. You copy this, the URL, you paste it on your browser and that will allow you to create that recipe so it’s created for you pretty much.

Does that make sense? So, for example, you open a blogger.com website, you have your IFTTT account, you open your blog. com profile, and you go to the column that says blogger.com. You copy this ifttt.com forward slash recipes forward slash blah, blah, blah, you copy this in the browser.

And since you’re already logged in into your IFTTT account, it will populate that recipe. So, boom, you have your blog set up with blogger right now. Does that make sense? Liam?

Yeah, it does. Interesting. So, with these recipes, do they ever expire? I mean, I know it sounds like you’ve been doing it for a number of years. So, we need to keep updating these recipes or do they always work?

Yeah, great question. No, the recipes they do not expire. Maybe one of the platforms may change which will make you to reconnect your account. IFTTT, you know, that’s basically what you need to do.

So, for example, if Diigo.com makes a change to the platform, all you need to do is to go into ifttt.com and basically reconnect the account to Diigo but that’s all there is to it, but the recipes they do not expire.

So, once you have them set up on your IFTTT account, you should go you know, so that will allow you to, every time you post on your blog on your website, it will go out automatically to blogger.com and the way these recipes are set up, are already set up so that you get the most value out of that posts, if that makes sense. Okay, so you don’t have to worry about it.

And then there’s another tab on the on the workbook that will allow you to put, you know, your URLs, your username and password for each of these accounts. So, you have everything organized in one spot. Okay, so your google plus profile, your YouTube channel, your blogger, you know, your WordPress.com, everything that you need is already there.

You can just paste it there. And this is like, this makes things much easier if you will. So that’s, that’s what you want to do. Again, the recipes are there, you don’t need to, you know, you can download them for Excel if you want.

You don’t need to opt in for anything but all you need to do is to make a copy for your own records. Meaning make a copy on Google Drive, because this is read only, you won’t be able to actually edit this. So, you make a copy on Google Drive or you download it to your hard drive and then you can make a copy then you can edit it.

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