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Jace Vernon

Founder at Ydraw

Jace Vernon is a founder at Ydraw and Yinc. He created 3 multi million dollar businesses with Video Marketing. As per Jace, they eat, drink and sleep video marketing.

Expert session

Tactic that has had the biggest impact on Jace’s success

YouTube Instream and indisplay ads mixed with remarketing ads

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Create a video ad that results to high CTAs and conversion

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So first thing we want to do is take action on our site, we’re going to go here to the United States. And this stuff, I usually just do manual, enable, we don’t need that on the display campaign, we’re going to go with $10 per day. Okay, pretty much, that’s it.

Okay, now you’re gonna create your ad groups. Now, what I like to do with my ad group name is there’s a couple different things, different ways you can target your audience with Gmail video ads, okay?

You can do topics and interests, you can do custom email lists, you can also do keywords. So let’s assume, if I jump over to a Gmail account, in that gmail account, you have the promotions tab. I guess that’s a, let me jump on my Gmail.

And I’ll show you what I’m talking about. So over here, on your Gmail account, you have these promotion tabs, and so many people have Gmail. And up at the top, you have these ads right here.

So Spry dental defense, actually, this is one of our clients. So here is a typical Gmail ad. But what we like to do is do an actual video ad right here.

Now, how does these ads get put up here? Well, it’s based on the content within your Gmail. So Gmail, obviously, is reading your emails, they’re knowing what you’re searching for.

And so they will put these types of ads up there, and now there’s one from web.com. And they actually have a form within their Gmail ad. Okay. So that’s what we’re setting up.

We’re going to show you guys how to create these types of ads, but they’re going to be a video ad. So I’ll jump over to the campaign. So we’re just going to do keywords. Max bid, I’m going to go $1. Okay, and you’ll want to adjust that.

Just wondering with that with, you know, the campaign budget as well as the sub CPC bid. You did $10. And then $1 is here. Is that the kind of thing you’d recommend for someone starting out?

Yeah, it all depends on how comfortable you are within this platform. If you’re just starting out, don’t get too carried away,

AdWords will blow your budget pretty quickly. So I’ll adjust that. I’ll go down to 15 cents. Just yeah. $10 a day at $1. Yeah, that’s not that great. So let’s go down to 15 cents, that’s gonna keep it safe. You might not get a lot of clicks, but you can always up your budget.

So if you’re setting this up, $10 a day is fine, but then put this about 15 cents, that probably is better. Okay. Now, even though you put $1 obviously, you’re not going to get charged $1 it’s just going to give you more impressions.

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