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Founder at Deadline Funnel. Jack is also the founder of several successful software companies.

Deadline Funnel is used by Frank Kern, Andre Chaperon, Todd Brown, Jon Benson, David Siteman Garland, Perry Marshall, Ryan Lee, James Schramko, Jonathan Mizel, James Wedmore, Navid Moazzez, Melyssa Griffin, Neil Patel and thousands of other online entrepreneurs.


How To Increase Profit Using this Deadline Funnel Tactic

Jack Born of Deadline Funnel

Have you ever used a traditional funnel centered around a product launch. You were probably launching a new course, or maybe an event, or a special sale? Did you make a decent profit? I hope so.

But, what if I told you could make even more profit by doubling down on your deadline and taking advantage of the benefits of an automated sales page. A sales page is extremely easy to automate and a regular event based launch can have a high conversion.

Expert session

Tactic that has had the biggest impact on Jack’s success

An authentic evergreen personalized deadline. Any promotion without a deadline is leaving a lot of money on the table. But it has to be an authentic deadline or you’re hurting your credibility and trust.

Result if you follow the steps in Jack’s session

Increased sales and more consistent growth instead of the ups and downs of the “Launch Revenue Rollercoaster”

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So as I’m bringing this up, I’ll go ahead and start explaining that one of the things that anyone who’s done a launch will recognize is that, what typically happens during a launch is that, when there’s the buildup of anticipation, you open the doors and then as you see this graphic, you can see my screen, right?

So there’s the big first day and so the sales rush in because people have been waiting for what you’re offering, and then they die off pretty fast. And then there’s a there’s a day, if you’re doing things correctly, there’s a day that’s even bigger than the first day and that’s the last day.

This video graphic or sorry, this image graphic is from a great website called videofruit.com by guy named Brian Harris and he typically writes these epic blog posts. And some of them are about sort of postmortems of what worked, what didn’t on his launches.

And so this is a graphic that he created and put on his website showing that the last day of his launch was really huge. Just to give more evidence that the last day is a really huge day, here’s a screenshot from inside of Perry Marshall’s account with Infusionsoft account with lots of data, personal data removed, but you can see the date.

So the date shows that during this promotion, because I used two years ago, I was Perry Marshalls marketing manager and so we were running this December promotion. And really, up until the last day, we thought we had a real turkey a real loser of a promotion. But then on the last day, because the deadline was coming and people procrastinate, especially around Christmas time, over 80% of the sales came in and that we ended up collecting $50,000 in sales and 80% of those came in on the last day.

And here’s a screenshot, this is the last one, but here’s a screenshot from a promotion I did last year. And this is on my stripe account, have removed the data. But just look at the trend line, you can see that there was that surge in the beginning. And then at the end right of the deadline, as this was closing down, there was an even bigger spike.

And so the reason why I bring this up is because, I call this the perfect persuasion window. The last 24 hours of your promotion when you have a deadline is going to be the time when you make the most revenue per minute, the most revenue per email open, the most revenue per visitor, the most revenue per email click, any metric you choose, it’s going to be the best, the most revenue per whatever metric you’re using.

Because there’s a significant portion of people who have been procrastinating, they’re interested. They love what you’re talking about. They know that it’s for them, but just human nature. It is what it is. If we’re honest about ourselves, we all do this too. We put off decisions. So even though we’ve actually kind of decided we put off actually pulling the trigger.

And so by having a deadline, one of the most fundamental things that it does is that it forces people to make a decision. Now, there’s a lot more in the psychology of what’s actually happening with the deadlines. And maybe we have time to go into that, but maybe we don’t. But the key thing is that deadlines increase conversions every single time.

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