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Jaime is The Eventual Millionaire. She’s interviewed over 400 millionaires and billionaires, and she’s been helping business owners make things more simple and more profitable for the last 10 years.

The reason why she’s interviewed over 400 multimillionaire entrepreneurs–isn’t for the money. She’s searching for the experiences, stories, and resources these leaders have used to make their millions. She’s learned that these tools will never disappear–you don’t have to fuel them, maint


No More Social Media: High-Level Clients Pay Me $1500/Hour And That’s My First Piece Of Advice

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So number one, I try and have everybody get rid of all social media on their phone. Yeah.

And they’re like, “But I use this for work”, right? So deleting Facebook now is super easy because they have the group’s app so even if you have a paid for group you have no excuse, by the way, and messenger you’re like,” oh, but I can’t”. No excuses.

So you can actually delete the entire app the only thing that you can’t get is events and you can do that on the main page so not only on your phone and I suggest everybody do it right now.

When I was speaking in Bangkok, actually, Liam, I made everybody hold up their phone and then I was like, “delete Facebook”, and only about maybe 10 people out of a whole audience did it but those 10 people are action takers.

So we do that right now then there’s another I was telling you about the plug-in which I’m sure you already know about called News Feed Eradicator. Now, this one is for Chrome and we have a link that just sort of goes to that, you install, it will take away the news feed on Facebook because you’re a business owner even if you’re supposed to be in Facebook.

I know I have paid for groups. I would get so distracted being like oh, and then so this happened and then I wouldn’t realize that 20 minutes went by or even 10 minutes and those things add up like crazy.

So when you use News Feed Eradicator it puts a lovely little quote about time and how important time is in the newsfeed instead which means you can get to the events which is awesome without getting distracted from all the crazy people saying stuff.

So that’s number one. All right, I’m just gonna, you don’t have to say anything. I’m just going to go through everything. You can just sit there and look pretty.

I’m just in shock. Like everyone else, just watch it, just like really? She did. She’s serious, like, do I really delete my Facebook, my Instagram, my Snapchat, my Twitter? Yes, right?

So now, that being said I use Instagram for my own personal. I don’t have any business anything on Instagram. It’s mostly my friends, so I keep that one for me. But in general, for anything in business, I try not to use Instagram at all during my work times because well, I’ll explain a little bit more how I’m a Christian as humanly possible.

Okay so that’s number one, highly recommend it even if you only do it for a week, two weeks. I usually say at least 30 days for everybody. Like, just trust me for 30 days. If you don’t like it, you can add it back in, no big deal.

Everybody thanks me afterwards. Nobody wants to get kicked but they’re happy that they got pushed in the right direction. So that’s number one. You should all create like a support group of, I don’t have social media on my phone support group after this. Okay.

So that’s not on Facebook groups because we still have the Facebook group.

Use the app separate. That’s fine. I know you can talk to this people but that’s it, guys. Okay, is that better? Does that help you?

Okay. Number two is, I feel like we live in an information overload age. You’ve probably heard this before also so it’s one thing to consume a lot of information and then use. It’s another thing to consume a lot of information assuming that you’ll remember it for when you need it for next time and our brains are not good at that at all.

We can’t remember the podcast we listen to six months ago. About webinars when we’re writing about webinars right now. Right?

So what I asked is, all my clients have to stop listening to podcasts, stop reading articles, unless they can use it within that week, maybe two weeks depending on how big of a project they’re doing. Because we have a tendency to do is just over consume.

And when we do that, that being said, everybody’s like, “Well what about like the entertainment podcast”? You can listen to entertain a podcast when you’re exercising, or when you’re in a car, and you’re driving. Okay? And that’s actually when I suggest you actually listen to the stuff that is pertinent.

So I’m not saying if you are writing your new webinar that you can’t go look up the best podcast, the newest ones about how to write your newest webinar, that’s totally fine. But listen to it, you know, when you’re actually paying attention, not just having it in the background.

And just make sure that when you’re actually doing it, you take action on it. Otherwise, we are filling our brains with all sorts of ideas.

And I know entrepreneurs, like the back of my hand number one, I am one, so I have a crazy entrepreneur brand also. And we have to mitigate our own opportunity. Like we, so one of the things that one of my mentors said is we need to determine the difference between the opportunity and distraction. And that’s huge, right?

So we get to listen to all these podcasts or content and we’re like, but then I could you know, I could do this. None of that matters. Of course, you can do everything, you’re amazing and smart. And we only have so much time. And that’s what this whole thing is all about. So what we’re trying to do is just become more efficient with the time.

So sorry to jump in. And that’s just what I’m thinking is there like, if people are going ahead and they’re, scheduling their weeks and months, we’re feeding the, you know, the days, the weeks and months, the years, whatever it is. And they’re like, I know this week I’m focusing on doing my email sequences.

So can they listen to podcasts that are specific to email sequences in terms of like, so what I’m thinking is that, of course, you know, everyone has their favorite, you know, people that they subscribe to and the channels, but what about actually going and actually searching because I don’t feel that nice actually searching for things?

So this the thing we usually have the people that we already know we like because we listen to them, and we just listened to them because they’re putting out content, but who knows if that’s really relevant to you.

So I say you search and you find the top three people or five people that you love, and see if they actually did content about what you’re actually learning about, because of course, you want to listen to their stuff over everyone else’s. So I agree 1,000% you should, we should be using iTunes or Stitcher as a search engine for content. Not necessarily. This is how TV works. And we’re just hitting play because it’s there, make sense?

Like people, I don’t think just searching is enough. And yeah, 100, 900% agreed as well.

While we go through our apps, and we’re just like, ”Oh, I have this one. Sounds interesting. Awesome.”. Maybe the copy, you know of this specific one sounds like clickable. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s helpful in any way at all.

And I actually found, and this is kind of sad, when I do search, there’s not a lot on specific topics. There’s tons of interview shows, but there’s not somebody going this is how you should do webinars. It’s getting a little bit better nowadays, but that’s actually an opportunity in the market that I’m looking at also going oh we need too. So that’s number two.

Number three, right, moving through fast. So we can ask, you can ask other questions afterwards. But number three is we think we know what we’re doing with the time that we have, right? We’re smart, we’re like, I know what I’m doing. Like I’m working my butt off.

And, again, my clients hate me for this, especially this last one that I had a brand new guy raising $15 million for the timber industry like crazy stuff. I asked him to keep track of his time for between the three days and a week, literally every second, pretty much.

Hence the reason why they hate me. I’m like, it’ll be really, really, really painful for a couple days. And if you can only do two, that’s okay too.

But we use toggle.com, so you can actually go ahead and post what you’re doing when so if you’re doing email, and this is the thing that people get all the time, they’re like, Oh, I do email but I hop in I hop out and you know, everybody’s got packs on email, boomerang and all sorts of stuff.

But to me, we don’t, we totally either underestimate or overestimate how much we’re doing on email. So when you actually time it, you can see how long these things take you.

So when we go over the whole week span, we try and be a lot more efficient. So you’ve heard of dump it, delegate it, do it, like you’ve heard that sort of stuff before.

So I’m able to look at the clear picture of what they did for the entire week and go, your assistant should be doing that. You shouldn’t be doing that. What the heck was that? That was crappy. You know what I mean?

And I’m trying to get people more in the flow state, number one. Number two, we’re trying to be more efficient. So if they have random meetings everywhere, this is what I was telling you about the master schedule.

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