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Jake Jorgovan

Founder at Lead Cookie

Jake helps agencies and consultants win their dream clients. Over the past year he has helped his clients generate well over $1M of new revenue for their businesses. Jake also runs LeadCookie.com which is a Done-for-you Linkedin Lead Generation service. Lead Cookie guarantees high-quality leads in 30 days or your money back.

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LinkedIn prospecting

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So the process is pretty simple. It’s basically, you know, I’ve done a ton of cold emailing and it is very effective. But I was really amazed whenever I started doing this LinkedIn prospecting.

And, again, this will vary a bit by industry that you target, but I’ve come to the consensus that I think some people actually like to be approached through LinkedIn more than through email. I think they’re just less on guard or just I don’t know what it is, but I’ve just been really blown away by some of these results.

And so basically what the process is, is really simple. It’s first optimizing your LinkedIn profile, getting a really good catchy tagline that’s going to hook someone’s attention, who’s your target prospect.

And then kind of optimizing your profile, making sure that’s looking good, that’s looking sharp. And then basically, it’s two actions to actually drive leads.

The first is basically connecting with 100 of your target prospects per day by just sending a connection request with, you know, a semi personalized message. Typically, it’s not like a long sales pitch.

If you’ve ever gotten like a super long sales pitch right out of the gate when someone added you on LinkedIn, that can be a turn off at times, but just something like, Hey, your profile looked interesting. Seems like we both work in the design industry, or something like that, would love to connect.

Something just short and sweet and almost like a conversation starter like that. And then when someone accepts that, then basically dripping them a handful of messages over time.

And just doing that with 100 per day and then drip the messages just generates a ton of leads and a ton of conversations, especially for kind of independent coaches or consultants or stuff like that when you’re kind of targeting other small businesses.

Yeah. Just on that, before we may we jump on to that second half, so vital to get the profile, right. Because when you are going to be, you know, connecting with these, you know, cold outreach emails, if you like, or messaging through LinkedIn, they’re going to be coming and checking out your profile.

And, you know, you make sure that you are, you do have it sharp, as Jake said. That it has to be really on point for that specific prospect that you’re targeting.

So, when you are targeting people make sure that they are offering to that in a similar type of, you know, category of prospects. So then your profile will reflect that and help you, you know, close more deals too.

Yeah, your profile optimization goes such a long way and especially that tag line. Just with everything you do on that tagline is the first thing or probably the only thing a lot of people see.

So if that tagline doesn’t hook them in, then you know, then that’s like, that’s a deal breaker on LinkedIn. So a good tagline is a complete multiplier to all your LinkedIn efforts.

Absolutely, yeah, it follows you everywhere. And the second half of that?

Yeah, so the second half of the tactic is, you know, we do the connection requests to go actually start conversations. And the second half, it’s really simple.

It’s something that anyone can really do, there’s this plugin called Dux-soup, which basically goes and it’ll visit basically up to 500 profiles of your target prospects every day. So you put together a search queue, it goes and it’ll visit 500 profiles, it doesn’t message them or say anything.

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