James Schramko Founder of SuperFastBusiness

James Schramko

Founder of SuperFastBusiness

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James has run his 7 figure membership, SuperFastBusiness, for 8 years now and trained some of the top experts in the field. Focusing on how to help online business owners get more profit whilst working less through online marketing, James provides value through his podcast as well as a members forum.  


How To “Own The Racecourse”

This strategy comes from an old mentor of mine from back when I worked at a Mercedes-Benz dealership. At the dealership we were essentially “single source dependent” and subject to the whims of our manufacturer. Any changes they made to the business structure, like pricing, affected our bottom line.

The strategy I want to share with you is about how to avoid similar problems in your own business where no single agent whether they are a supplier, a platform…

Expert session

Tactic that has had the biggest impact on Jame’s success

Platform independence

Result if you follow the steps in Jame’s session

Platform independence and business assets you can control which might also be sold

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Think about what you want to actually talk about. So for us, I can gather ideas from all sorts of places, whether it’s attending an event and taking notes. It could be watching a session like this and getting a few ideas. But the best place to look is your customers. See what they’re asking you. And when you meet them face to face, what do they ask you? What do you hear over and over again? And what’s going on in the industry that you feel passionate about?

So, I’ve got up on my soapbox and I’ve talked about on the racecourse. And I’ve been active saying, “Hey, being a workaholic, or hustle and grind is a limited view of how to do business. That’s why I published the whole book”. You know, when you have a title like Work Less, Make More, that’s a pretty topical sort of headline.

So think about what are the big ideas that are important for you to get out there and to publish into the marketplace. And following on from that, then you have to refine that hook, like really work on the bullet point. What is the big promise or the compelling reason that someone should after reading that headline, want to consume your information?

So if I was talking about own the racecourse, I might say that it’s the single most powerful strategy that you must know in business to avoid ever going broke. That would be the reason why someone might be interested in learning more about it.

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