James Tuckerman of Not-So-Freaky University

James Tuckerman

Founder at Anthill Magazine

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James Tuckerman is one of Australia’s most accomplished digital publishers. He founded one of Australia’s highest circulating business magazines in his twenties but ‘ditched print’ to pursue digital publishing in 2009. He is responsible for numerous niche and global digital ventures, including Anthill Magazine, Entrepornography.com and the Not-So-Freaky University.


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We use email addresses in every facet of our daily lives, everyone has one. It makes sense then…

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PayPal figured this out, like over a decade ago, you know, that we’ll try to work out ways to, you know, communicate with people and they just went okay. Well, people always tend to have an email that they keep for a long time and at that point, it was the rise of Hotmail and other things.

We would have our work email and our personal email. And they went, well, let’s just use email as the unique identifier. And that’s what we’ll use to help people try and, you know, transfer money between each other.

But yeah, you know, we have a personal email that we often like, you know, use as a secondary working email. That email is often what we use for social media. That email is what we use for all sorts of stuff.

But even in my own business, so I might use an email service provider and you probably do it, might be MailChimp, it might be Infusionsoft it might be Ontraport. It might be Marketo. It might be HubSpot might be any of these tools.

But in my world, I’ve been using Infusionsoft. And that email addresses that unique identifier, and I know I can look up someone with their email and I can see what opt in gifts they’ve clicked on. You know what links in emails they’ve clicked on, and I can I get a story, can begin to evolve.

So if they’ve clicked on something about how to raise capital, they’re also in Melbourne. I would know that there are a startup in Melbourne, Australia, so I can send them an email saying, “Hey, come along to the startup meetup in Melbourne, Australia”, and they’ll go, ”Thank you”. They won’t go. “Are you stalking me?”. They’ll go, “Thank you”. And that’s a really cool thing.

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