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Jason Stone

Founder at Millionaire Mentor

Jason is a serial entrepreneur and Investor at Millionaire Mentor Inc. Last year, his social media and digital business has generated him over a million dollars in net profit.


How To Monetize Your Instagram With My Easy-To-Replicate 3-Step Funnel

Instagram is a goldmine for generating free traffic! Everyone else has to pay for traffic, but if you have an Instagram account, it’s essentially free.

There are so many people using the app that when you post something you’re going to get some level of response from your content -whether it’s likes or comments.

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Tactic that has had the biggest impact on Jason’s success
Warming up cold Instagram traffic whilst building email list
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Monetizing Instagram with Easy-To-Replicate 3-Step Funnel

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The specifics, and, you know, the real value comes in is really how to do it. How, you know, obviously, it takes a long time to build your followers. You know, that’s a whole another topic of discussion. We’re going to, you know, leave that to the other guys how to build a following. You know, once you get there, how do you monetize that following?

And so, I mean, there’s software programs out there that have called landing pages or you know, you put people into a funnel, you know, you have, your websites need to be website, but you also need to have a sales page which can calls a lead and what’s called a funnel. You funnel them down a sales page, you have writing over video, you funnel them down, enter your email, go.

So once people enter that email and you know they’re in the customer, they believe their warm traffic now they believe, which you possibly are going to tell them is true, and they want to follow you. So the process of getting that email that’s, that’s the tricky part, you want to convince people to leave your email.

So you know, designing there, there’s three parts to what I call a post. That’s a lead generation post, and you have your creative, that’s a picture that you’re looking at. And obviously, you want to have a call to action, a really good call to action of that sparks interest.

And one of the ones that I’ve been using lately about for the marketing campaign that I’ve been doing that has paid off very well in the last three weeks, it’s you know how my side business generates $10,000 per month and one of it sparked your curiosity rate below that is called click the link in my bio, that’s your call to actions, let’s put call to action number one.

Then, in your caption, you have the call to action number two, which is the caveat to reading the caption. And I like to put rate when they start reading my caption, click the link in my bio again, and then put my Instagram name with a little point the arrow pointing at it.

So you have to make this visible, you have to make this stand out. I put a little fire symbol. I put a little emoji with a pointy arrow pointing at my name. So people click on my name, they go back to my Instagram bio. And then they see the call to action there. That’s the call to action.

You know, before, you know, write a caption, call to action then you have your body of why they should click it. Then you put another call to action in the bottom of your caption.

So that’s like three call to action so far. So once people are convinced, click on that. That takes them back to your name, your Instagram bio where they can see it. You know, your bio, what you’re about, your name, you picture, your logo.

And then there’s another there’s a fourth call to action, which is, I put a little point here with down, pointing at the link. And, you know, the call to action is why you should click this link.

Another reason how to start your passive income, live the panda life has happened, say that I’ve been, you know, it’s a funny thing that I’ve been doing lately is the panda lifestyle, which not many people get. It’s just a funny thing.

I’ve been advertising with pandas. Anyways, that’s another one so why to click on this link, and you know, how you start your lifestyle business, live the left that let laptops lifestyle. And so that’s the fourth call actions. And, you know, that’s what drives a ton of traffic.

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