Jay Davis CEO of Creatably

Jay Davis

CEO of Creatably
Over 100 million views on videos for clients on YouTube and Facebook. He has created over $100M in revenue through marketing campaigns.

Creatably was started because they saw the need for a marketing agency that married art and science and applied that to achieve explosive growth. Part of their secret is that they only work with companies who have a product people absolutely love.



The Techniques That All Viral Marketers Should Know

Jay Davis CEO of Creatably
“Going viral” often relies on people sharing your content. Trillions of views across thousands of viral videos have been clocked in because people decided that it was not only worth their time to watch these videos, but it was also worth it to share them with their social networks.

Think of the last time you’ve been online and saw a cool video…

Expert session

Tactic that has had the biggest impact on Jay’s success
How to create a feeding frenzy around your product.
Result if you follow the steps in Jay’s session
Higher sales, views, shares, and engagements at the time of launch.

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Other things that that we try to do but kind of the five things that we’ve seen is first using social currency to get people to to share the product and share to be the first one to share.  Sometimes that’s a discount giving them some motivation to to want to be the first person to get it out there.

And we really learned this with viral videos where we saw that there is this social currency when you find a really cool product, something that really works. You know app sumos are a great example of this. I have friends who always be like, “Hey did you see this this software?”

There’s a project management software a couple weeks ago that came out and you know four or five people reached out to me like, “ Hey did you see this? It’s amazing. I love using it.”

So, there’s that social currency that people want to be the discoverer of

cool things and so the more you can enable that and incentivize people to to share it and take advantage of this social currency the better.

The second thing is make things quantity based instead of time based. In terms of creating this initial feeding frenzy, and we’ll dive in deeper there and then.

Second or third is using the power of unexpectedness that’s kind of the core emotion that we always go back to with viral videos.  People want to have something that they weren’t expecting and sometimes we confuse that for weird, or crass, or goofy but it really  comes back to unexpectedness and an appositive unexpectedness.

The fourth is put on the pressure so they buy share right now so we kind of do a combination of both quantity based how many are being sold so that people feel like there’s there’s this feeding frenzy and then also as they’re in that moment to buy we want to give them a motivation to buy right then.

Then fifth is to create a way to visually demonstrate that the feeding frenzy is taking place so as they’re they’re sitting there they’re seeing that okay if I buy this right now I get a special discount or special deal and then on top of that they see the social proof that a bunch of people are buying it right.

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