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Jeremy Ellens

Co-founder at LeadQuizzes

Jeremy is the co-founder of LeadQuizzes. He is an expert in internet marketing and lead generation and has grown LeadQuizzes from zero to more than $1,000,000 in just six months. He has helped entrepreneurs like Neil Patel and Lewis Howes grow their email list and generate more sales using quizzes.


The Quiz Lead Acquisition Strategy Boosting My Sales By $100,000 A Month

I’m the co-founder of Lead Quizzes. We’ve taken quizzes as a content form and lead acquisition tool and turned it into an automated platform that you can plug into your website and send traffic to.

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I guess the first thing I would talk about is like the type of quiz. So there’s different types of quizzes that we are going to have, you know, a higher conversion rate or be more likely to lead them towards a product where they’re going to buy.

So, just to name a couple, you know, there’s like a personality celebrity type. I think these are really famous by, you know, BuzzFeed and stuff like that, like Lewis Howes didn’t want around like, what celebrity entrepreneur are you?

And there’s like, people like Tony Robbins, Oprah, those kinds of people. So that’s going to be something really viral. So if you maybe have a ton of traffic, and you’re trying to capture a lot of those leads, style like that might be good.

There’s an IQ one. So an example, I’m going to list a couple examples, people can check out on leadquizzes.com, we have case studies, but for the IQ one, you know, there’s one that we did with a guy where you know how much you know about GMO. So he had a documentary that they created around like GMOs and so it’s like an IQ, you know, maybe you’re really smart, maybe you’re not. It identifies that education gap.

Another one could be like which product is best for you, so it could be you know, an example ecommerce, like what computer is best for you. And so maybe you care more about your heavy core or hardcore game or maybe you care about you know, you want to edit a lot of videos and so you need a specific type of computer for that or maybe you’re just like an internet browser and you need just a very basic computer. So that could be good at like saying, like, you know, this is a product you want.

Another one is, like, what’s your number one problem or strength? So, you know, it could be like, what’s the number one thing holding you back from like your health and fitness goals? And then that can be like mindset exercise, nutrition, different stuff like that. The quiz like that would be great for segmentation where you can really figure out you know, if it’s nutrition, then you follow up with a sales letter or sales video tailored towards that, an email campaign tailored towards that.

And then the fifth one, like one of the other highly ones we use is, a diagnostic one. So it could be something like, you know, how effective is your ab workout quiz, there’s a case study on our site about that. And then you know, it could be, you know, it’s not very effective or highly effective. And then that leads them to it. Those kind of makes sense, Liam?

Yeah, they definitely do. And I was thinking about even for this, for marketing automation, maybe it’s a question that comes up quite frequently, at least I’ve heard it from my audience, what software is right for me, right? Like, is it you know, ABCD all the way down to maybe Z, right?

There are so many different options, there so many different things to take into account. And if you go through a quiz, that can give you real value, right?

Because rather than doing all this research and identify which ones fit me, this quiz, or if you created a quiz, it could actually provide you with people with a solution and maybe that’s an idea that we can we can employ as well.

Yeah. And so like, I guess like, as you like, kind of pick the type of quiz that you want to do, you know, something like a diagnostic quiz is probably going to be really good for, you know, someone that’s trying to sell product right after versus like a personality quiz, or celebrity quiz, maybe not the best.

So an example could be like, you know, the BuzzFeed style ones. It could be, if you’re in like, the horse space, like what kind of horse should you get? Or what kind of horse are you most like? Versus, like, we did a case study on our site around like, how are you taking care of your horse, and this was for a company where they sell like boots, which is a little safer and is better for horses and like horseshoes.

And so it’s an educational thing where they learn about what’s the difference, like, are they taking care of their horse? And if they’re not, here’s something you can do better.

So yeah, just give you some ideas on like, you know, a personality quiz probably get more shares and get more leads. But you also want to think about like, what’s the end goal? Are you trying to sell them something? Are you trying to just build your list or what is it?

Yeah, those are the types as far as, like some tips for like length, something we found is like keeping it short enough where people aren’t going to get distracted. You know, if you’re advertising this on Facebook or something, they don’t want to take 20 minutes to get through a quiz. So usually like 8 to 10 questions. It’s good fun.

To start, you know, if you are going to advertise this, something really important, is making sure you’re compliant. You’re like keeping in touch. So like Facebook’s a big platform that we advertise on. So just knowing what are the terms of services, what are things you can say and what you can’t say, so you don’t get banned, that’s important.

And another thing is like, how to make, how to make your quiz like compelling, like so being able to write some, like compelling copy that people are gonna want to take. So, you know, let me give you an example. You know, like, how effective is your ab workout? So that’s like, that one’s okay. But it gives you some ideas of like, oh, maybe I do have a problem with, you know, my workout routine, and it creates some curiosity.

So like, I usually think about what’s the angle that I’m trying to, like, send people to and then like, what’s something that we could write, like a compelling idea and then you fill everything else in between.

And then finally, just having like, easy to answer questions. Like we found, like, when we first started doing this, people would create all these, like complex questions like, I remember one was, someone did a stress quiz, and they had a question.

And they’re like, what do you do in this scenario when your mother in law does this or that, and we found out that people were like, dropping out, because, you know, probably not everyone has a mother in law, they have to think too long around, you know, how does this apply to me? Or do I have to look up these facts?

So just a quiz a people can get through like very quickly and you can get good information for them so you can give them good feedback on their results.

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