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Founder and List Building Specialist at Jeremy Montoya

Founder/List Building Specialist  at jeremymontoya.me – host of The Montoya Experiment. When he first started creating businesses online, he had no idea what he was doing. But time and time again he kept realizing the lesson in collecting emails and then figuring out how to properly talk to his audience. Now, after building his own email list and learning how to sell to it (and helping countless clients and private students do the same), he enjoys sharing what’s working and exactly what to do to grow a strong email list of responsive fans and customers.


How Daily Blogging Affected My Business & Built My Email List

I’m a lifelong entrepreneur, I’ve sold everything from Pokemon cards to fireworks.

Eventually, I decided to get more serious and launch a clothing line, and I was able to get some experience running larger marketing campaigns.

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Tactic that has had the biggest impact on Jeremy’s success

Using daily blogging for business and building an email list

Result if you follow the steps in Jeremy’s session

A list of prospects who look forward to your emails and want to have a daily connect with you to create authenticity and respect

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You know, I see you doing a great job on that with your LinkedIn group and watching that from a distance. And I know you have some engagement going on there. So you got to find that place for where they’re at, right?

And you mentioned something that we hear a lot in marketing with know, like and trust. And I agree with know, like and trust but what I aim for is to be trusted and respected. And the only reason why is because I have a ton of people in my life that I like, think talking know, like and trust, but I would never buy from.

And so when you become that trusted person where you keep your audience, and you’re in their best interest, right, and you’re looking out for them, and you grow that respect by being consistent in whatever way you’re marketing to them and helping them that’s when it becomes a no brainer for them to buy your services.

Cuz you know their problems better than they can express them at that point. And then that means that you have the solution for them. So trust and respect is really, really what I aim for and what I highly recommend too.

Respect. A huge point, huge for and, and you’re, you’ve got to a point, like you mentioned that, you know, being consistent and you email daily, I mean, how do people get to that point? And oh, should they be starting straightaway?

I think you should start straightaway, especially if you are at the point where you’re just starting your list under 500 to 300 leads, okay.

And the reason I say that is because writing is one of the most important skills because you’re going to have to do headlines, you’re going to have to do copy, you’re going to need to know your products and what you offer better than a copywriter does that you can hire and you’re going to be a far better use of people when you can run your own ads because then you also have a service that you can offer.

But when you start emailing daily out of the gate, because you have the unfair advantage of time, you have this kind of a novice size, which is a huge advantage in the marketing world that you may not realize, that resonates with people and you start to attract people one by one as you send that post to Facebook, or you send that post like I do to Cyber Dust or to Snapchat or Periscope, wherever your thing is, your LinkedIn group.
And as that starts to happen, people will start to gravitate towards you and realize, wow, you know, he’s not bragging or you’re not bragging, you’re very relatable, you’re talking about your vulnerabilities, you’re being very human. And that’s powerful for getting that trust and that respect, because you’re being honest.

And it’s funny how we have to like teach those things early talk about that. But unfortunately, online, it’s very easy to not be so honest. And so as you start doing that, put them up on your blog, put them in any place, you can kind of just make them native to wherever you’re going to post them. And you’ll start to have those people start to gravitate towards you.

And I can’t just reiterate enough the power of writing daily because you get better at it and then you can see your progress. You can go to your blog, and you can see where you were when you started out two, three years ago, where you’re at now it’s going to be completely different.

And what a perfect story to share with your clients about where you started and where you came from. It’s not just words talking to them, they can go and they can see it for themselves.

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