Jeremy Vest of Vidpow

Jeremy Vest

Founder & CEO at Vidpow

Jeremy is one of the top YouTube for business experts and is YouTube Certified. He often writes and speaks on YouTube for business, video marketing, video SEO and video conversion science. He has over 500 million views to his credit for clients and has worked with many top brands including Learn Liberty, HP, FUNimation and American Home Shield. Jeremy has taught thousands of people and has a deep passion for all things related to online marketing.


How I Boost My YouTube Video Views For New Traffic

Video content has exploded within the last several years. Nowadays every company or brand is trying to deliver their marketing messages via video.

This is why video discoverability optimization has become so important. I know that’s a long term there but I came up with it and it’s the best one we got.

Expert session

Tactic that has had the biggest impact on Jeremy’s success

Understanding what people like to watch and understanding what they are looking for

Result if you follow the steps in Jeremy’s session

Optimized thumbnails and titles that will increase your video discoverability on YouTube and other video platforms

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We worked with a company called Funimation. They’re one of the largest anime companies on YouTube. And we are able to get them over 7 million more organic views a year just by making thumbnails. Sounds pretty crazy. You know, how can you get that many more views by thumbnails.

And I’m actually going to show you right here. So, on the right hand side, sorry, I have a lot of nerd tools over here I need to close for you guys.

Do you just want to share those tools, just quickly, in terms of names?

Oh, absolutely. What the tool, the main tool that I use is vidiq.com/vision. And that’s just a really cool plugin to show you some stuff. I have the pro version that shows you a lot more stuff. It’s not that expensive.

But on the right hand side rail, you can see all these thumbnails of related videos. What most people don’t realize for every single YouTube channel that I’ve ever optimized, the number one organic source of traffic is actually this right hand side rail.

So you’re watching a YouTube video, you see something that catches your eye over on the right hand side, and then you click on it. Most people don’t know that.

And a lot of people try to, you know, do all these tactics and, you know, philosophies to make YouTube videos rank, and they don’t even realize that the thumbnail, along with a phenomenal title is actually going to serve you better than almost anything else.

The only thing else that’s more important than ranking a video specifically on YouTube is watch time duration, session duration, we’ll get to that in a few minutes. But I wanted to show you the power of this thumbnail.

And the biggest reason these do so well is, our brains like patterns, right? So what happens is, I have this same color, same color, same color, same color bar and logo over here. And then you see all the other videos, all the other thumbnails do not, even though a lot of them are from the same. There, same channel, they do not have a similar pattern.

And without the similar pattern, your brain actually doesn’t view it as well. And what I mean by that is, if you look at this very first thumbnail here, compared to the second, third and fourth one, what’s visually more powerful to you and your mind, I personally think it’s the second, third, fourth and fifth one, because for one, the eyes, the action, the colors are way more poppy and saturated on the thumbnails we created. And to that similar pattern of color and logo. Just make it look official.

So a lot of the times we are getting clicked on above the first, second, third and fourth ranking. And it’s very common for us to show up. One brand, I can’t talk about, because from an NDA perspective, but let’s just say they’re one of the top beauty brands in the world, we’re able to help them get 100% penetration on the right hand side.

So every single video on the right hand side, when you’re on one of those, videos are showing up over there. So you can’t necessarily control what’s on the right hand side but with the techniques I’m going to be explaining today, you’ll definitely be able to help get yourself up there a little higher.

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