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Jerome Knyszewski

CEO at Heavyshift Marketing

Jerome Knyszewski is the CEO of Heavyshift Marketing. He is a Digital marketing strategist, online reputation consultant and trainer who specializes in turning LinkedIn into a powerful lead generating machine.

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Man, there is a tool, it’s awesome, is called SellHack. SellHack, this started off really like a hack. I mean, they’re like on the wrong side of it. And they were literally scraping emails from LinkedIn and all this and they get a cease and desist. They can you know, that version, and then he came back up with a new version is awesome. It’s awesome. Awesome. Awesome.

The guys are there. Ryan O’Donnell is behind that awesome little software. And it’s a plugin for Firefox. Chrome was I can remember anyway. And what it does is leverages the search ability of LinkedIn for us. You Advanced Search you’re looking for a career looking for.

And then you can take that list and export those, that list of results, I guess profiles into cell Ag and they’re in then you can actually build a list. And, you know, it does basically automatically the stuff, it doesn’t scrape anything you bro it takes only the content that is available on the profile.

But then what it does is kind of tests out the emails, the email possibilities, and build your email list. That’s very accurate.

And those guys are, they’re awesome at helping us, you know, treating awesome because you’re able to actually see a tremendous amount of time, because instead of doing the research, you know, tricking yourself and going on your website, on LinkedIn, your profiles and loop that people and all this stuff, they automate or that process.

And then we’ll see the platform is very intuitive and very easy to maneuver through it, you can extract those profiles, you can make yourself some lists, and you can tag them the right way.

So that, you know, like, these came from that search those came from that search. And it allows you to really like a sales team, we just fall in love with it as the name of it. And we’re working together with those guys to actually make it more user friendly, so that it can deliver results much faster.

But the advantage of it, you know, for the average user is to go in there once again, find your trophies, and what we talked about the you know, the the Advanced Search, take the evidence or plug it in there. And then, you know, you can extract all those profile URLs into cell hack. And then from there, you can start making your list and you can, I don’t know what is the throttle, I think they haven’t some sort of threshold and throw how much you can really do per day.

All this I don’t know, because I never pushed it this hard. Because once again, once you know your trophy client, you don’t want to get to know 500 of those guys every day you want to go like, you know, dedicate dedicated time, specifically to each one of these guys that you harvest.

Because every one of them is so close to who you really want to work with, that it’s not about mass messaging is not about, you know, fully automating everything and clicking on one button and being rich.

That’s not what it is about. It’s about LinkedIn is still about connected with people still about interacting with them about you know, providing quality, what can I do for you? How can we build a relationship so that we can work together so I can offer my offer my services, I can identify what services you really need from me, so on so forth, and I’m gonna use another analogy, right? Underestimate me.

The analogy is the zero zebra. I mean, if you think Number seven is all orange. I mean, as well, orange and yellow, you think they’re black and white zebra is the dumbest animal out there with the August camouflage possible, and nothing sticks out like a sore thumb. Right? And all the other animals have shades of orange and, and all that.

And these guys are just black and white. So you figure out what the deal is with those? No, but the advantage of a zebra is wondering pack together. All those lines I just confusing.

Have you ever seen somebody with a shirt that has a bunch of lines and then move and you can get your busy? happens the same thing to the lions, the little zebras, when they’re running, they’re not sure which route to go after because they lose the depth perception because all those lines all crooked the movement.

And what I encourage everybody to be able to identify who you zebra zero on your zebra, isolated from the herd and go after it. So it’s really not about mass marketing on LinkedIn is about target marketing.

And the only way you can do this with sales hacking This is to be able to identify by doing the your homework beforehand before and you do your homework you identify you and after again and I’ll repeat myself that that’s the key and then you will find those different tools that with badly with SellHack with whatever to be able to find these people but you don’t want to be thoroughly misled by some closer.

So you know you need to send 1000 emails to people to be able to get one client out you know you need to find your right client the right prospects and you don’t shoot the bazooka with with a machine gun or anything. You just go with one rifle one bullet, you take it out. And that’s really how it is.

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