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Jill Jacinto is a writer and Associate Director for WORKS. She’s worked alongside LinkedIn’s former spokesperson for over five years, learning tips and tricks daily straight from LinkedIn executives.

She is a trained career expert who works with brands to create career content, spokesperson platforms, and sponsorship programs. After spending nearly a decade in the editorial and marketing space working with Fortune 500 companies, she knows how to create influential marketing platforms that connect to millennial consumers and generate media awareness.

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So speaking about, you know, sitting back and relaxing and thinking that your clients are going to find you and whatever career you’re in is just not going to happen.

And what you really need to be doing is be a researcher and utilize LinkedIn because all of the data that you’re looking for all the clients that you’re looking for, and that information is on there, and it really just takes a little bit of intuition and search and knowledge of your marketplace, to just open up all of these people that you’re trying to reach out to.

So for instance, I always think that search is actually the most impactful part of LinkedIn. Because obviously, you know, you know, you need to have your profile filled out for various reasons. But until you actually do the work, you’re not going to really see the results on the actual platform.

So for those who aren’t familiar with the search, it’s, I’m actually going to share my screen just to show everyone where that is. Search is just right up here. And I was actually searching for something before. It’s just right up here.

So if I click on, I’m going to actually go to my home screen so you see what a traditional search looks like. So let’s say I want to search for a real estate company. I’m doing a search and that company comes up.

But let’s say I don’t necessarily, we want Douglas Elliman and I want a real estate expert and this person who’s turned himself sales expert has popped up, he’s my third degree of search. I don’t really like that. Okay, Vito, this stage state developer.

And that’s really interesting I’m looking at that and you know you’ve typed in you know real estate expert and someone’s changed their name on LinkedIn to real estate expert I mean, it’s a dodgy thing maybe to be doing so really being following a LinkedIn is terms and conditions.

In terms of like you know, trying to be your will be yourself be a real person and show who you are but that just shows you the power of search and using the right keywords not only you know, in your in your name, but in the in the title and in your summary as well. So that was really cool to see.

Yeah. I think you have to make sure that what you’re putting on your profile is able to be findable by the people that you know, might be searching for those terms. So, for instance, so I’m typing in now real estate developer, because I understand there might be people in the real estate world on this webinar, and things that immediately pop up or people with real estate developer in their titles, jobs that are real estate developer related groups, companies, you know, if you could scroll down, you know, there’s so much of what you might be looking for just within you know, searching for a typical job title.

So let’s see, we want to just look for people with that within their titles. On a classic search, I get 8,188 results that are being pulled from my network, and I don’t have any first degree relations, but I do have the second degree. So people within my network who are attached to them and I can connect with by virtue of that.

Sorry, stop you there, like you mentioned that you don’t have any in your first connections. And just looking at your results, normally the first connections will come up first. That’s why you’re saying that. Right?

Exactly. And then it’ll be second and third tier connections. I could even dig deeper and say, you know what, I only want to talk to people who are current real estate developers or current and who work for Corcoran and do a search on that and that are located in the US, near me, in New York.

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