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Joan Boluda

CEO of Boluda

CEO of boluda.com, digital marketing and web development courses platform for entrepreneurs. Digital marketing consultant, associate teacher at ESADE Executive Education, you can listen to him every day at 07:07 in his podcast Marketing Online.



What Are You Waiting For, Start Your Podcast!

Do you want to know what’s had the biggest impact in my business? You can probably guess. It’s been starting a podcast!

Why? I was writing a blog for five years and with just three month of starting a podcast I had doubled my number of clients.

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Tactic that has had the biggest impact on Joan’s success

Starting your very own podcast.

Result if you follow the steps in Joan’s session

A strategy to get in front of your audience by starting a podcast and earning a place in their daily routine as well as a method to have endless topics to discuss.

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First of all you have to know how your our audience is gonna be or the audience that your target audience it’s like okay it’s somebody that it’s working it’s somebody that it’s not working maybe it’s looking for a job.

Maybe someone who want to be an entrepreneur you have to know that so you can know the you know how long it has to be and how often you have to polish it that’s that’s the first thing I mean it’s not the same you know if it’s daily podcast and weekly or monthly podcast you have to know how they are and then create a daily for me that in my case I as I told you that was like no brainer it was a daily high-value content podcast it’s not like every time see Liam every time that I record the podcast I listen to that but of course.

Because I checked maybe if there is something that I can add it but then it’s the question that I always ask to myself is am I giving highly value content or adjust I’m just rambling for 20 minutes and the day because they you know my audience is gonna listen these for 20 more for 20 minutes daily and the cost of opportunity for them to be doing something else listening something else learning something else it’s huge so it’s like really the am I giving in every single and it has been in for years I have more than 20,000 you know listeners now in my podcast it’s huge I ask myself the same question I’m ieaving high-value content if it’s if I am NOT because I’m not happy with that I just start from scratch it’s like okay delete this episode and I start another one with more highly value the content of course related to my audience okay in this case how to start and run an online business.

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