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Joe Duncan

Founder at Before 5am

Joe Duncan is the founder at Before 5am, with 500K followers in 2 years – organically grown (no marketing investment in shout outs, etc). He believes that everyone has something beautiful and unique to share with the world and it’s our duty as human beings to encourage and support others to find the voice and use your unique gifts to make an impact and create a truly meaningful life.

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When I started out, I thought to myself, alright, you can pay to play but I didn’t want to pay to play it right. So you can, all the guys you interviewed will, obviously, they’re a big part of their business model, is taking payment for shout outs and growing brands and things like that.

I worked out quite early on this. All right, you can have a paid audience which helps you grow faster and growing faster. It’s kind of cool, right? Because you can see results pretty quickly. You throw your money down, you see results.

And I could have done that would have been a million right now, maybe more. But what I decided was, I’m not going to pay to play I’m going to grow organically because what I’m going to do is cultivate a very real audience. And that audience is the people who are going to part with money. Because they came to you in their own organic little way.

Don’t ask me how then asked me why they weren’t forced to come to my page. They weren’t promoted. They weren’t recommended. They just kind of found their way here. So but where they found their way to my pages, other people who follow me.

And that’s how you build a loyal audience. And when you really think about it, the game isn’t having a lot of followers, right?

The game is having a low amount of followers who will spend money with you and grow your business. So I will say this, I’d rather have 100,000 followers to spend money with me even 2 million followers that you know, a very small percentage spend money with me.

And that’s what you found to be contagious as you get bigger and as I get bigger, the percentage of people who put just off his list. That’s just the nature, I think of anything in social media because you get a lot of people that aren’t going to follow this page, because it’s big. I’ve got to follow it because it’s great.

So what you want to do is you’re going to make this decision or you’re going to pay to play and that’s a great way to do it. And if you want to grow quickly, you know, do it. And I, you know, hundreds of pages should have paid for shout outs and growing their page, and I have great success. I chose the other road, I’m not going to put any money down.

I’m just going to grow organically and see what happens. And what happened from that was very loyal audience, a very real audience. No bots will, you know, you never know how many bots you really have. But no intentional bots, no, no sort of way of, of bringing people who kind of follow you for a few moments and see a post and just unfollow, right, which happens a lot.

So my strategy is always grow organically. It’s going to take you a little longer, but what you’ll find is you have a bit of audience, it’ll help you grow at a rate you can manage.

And it’ll allow you to develop your skill set. And I always say that like I said before, you got to develop the skill set, right? There’s no point developing your skill set when you got 100,000 followers.

But when you got no followers, so you I know all about you, I know all the mistakes, you see what works, what doesn’t work. And then you get 200,000 followers. Now you got a pretty shiny, shiny carries to show the world and you can go on from there.

So, you know, it depends if you’re in the game to shortcut it. If you want to do this properly, if you want to become world class, if you want to develop your own craft and skill set, grow organically.

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